Margins and Bubbles Pt. 2

2009, 12:35 min, color, sound, HD video

Writes Cokes, "The video animation is based on the closing section of Cokes' and Perchuk's second collaborative presentation, 'Margins and Bubbles,' at 'Our Literal Speed 2' at the University of Chicago in May 2009. Visually, it features text excerpts from an interview between artist Tino Sehgal and critic / art historian David Joselit on contemporary art, the political potentials of the marketplace, and the positive value of 'consumer choice' that took place at OLS1 at ZKM in Karlsruhe. The computer-generated voice-over, 'Toward A Critique of Consumer Choice,' is an examination of the flawed, neo-liberal economic premises and implications of the Sehgal / Joselit interview layered against loop-based electro dance tracks."