Evil.12.edit.b (fear, spectra & fake emotion)

2009, 11:43 min, color, sound, HD video

Writes Cokes, "Evil.12 is a 12-minute video animation with sound. The text is excerpted from Brian Massumi's essay 'Fear (The Spectrum Said),' which discusses the Bush Administration's terror alert color-coding system as a method to modulate public affect via media representation. Aimed ultimately at producing a 'startle without a scare,' the Department of Homeland Security's terror alert system is framed as a governmental attempt to install a self-perpetuating, irrational fear mechanism in the public psyche. The insertion of a soundtrack by Modeselektor with uncanny vocals from Paul St. Hilaire (remixed by Dabrye) seeks to double (ghost) and thereby underline the point of Massumi's complex media textual analysis."