Evil.5: Grin and Bear (No Responsibility Mix)

2006, 8:06 min, color, sound

Evil.5. (No responsibility mix) continues Cokes' investigation of the uses of appropriated text and pop music as a form of political critique. Employing a deliberately didactic approach, Cokes challenges the Bush administration's policies and the war in Iraq. Statements on the Iraq war and Bush's "war on terror" by Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and Richard Clarke, among others, are displayed as on-screen text against flat bands of color. The graphic presentation and accompanying pop soundtrack suggest the strategies of commercial advertising.

Concept/Form: Tony Cokes. Image Animation/Edit: Scott Pagano. Sources: MSCBC TV/AP (Rice), MSNBC TV (Powell), Getty Images (Rumsfeld), Reuters (Clarke), PBS MacNeil-Lehrer (Brzezinski), AP/ New York Times (Bush). Music: Lali Puna - "Grin And Bear," "non-com-pop rmx" - (two lone swordsmen). Funded in part by Brown University-Faculty Research Initiative Grant and Research Funds for the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Special Thanks: Valerie Trebeljahr, Markus Acher.