7 visions fugitives

1995, 31:43 min, color, sound

In Sept visions fugitives, produced in China, Cahen creates impressionistic transformations of landscape and people. Cahen writes: "The looking and listening audiences are confronted — in addition to the pure impressions — with basic questions about work (the child using a traditional device to shake the feathers from the mattress) about freedom, about life in China... and ultimately about life and death: the burial, the bird, the man with a sheaf of straw on his back symbolizing the passage, the beyond... I had to struggle to make what I know are stereotyped images my own. The pure impressions and raw filmic material are completely reworked, going much further than the original takes."

Acoustic Design: Michel Chion; Assistant/Translator: Hu Bin; Editing/Video Effects: Bernard Bats; Additional Video Effects: Patrick Zanoli