Cartes postales vidéo

1984-86, 63:57 min, color, sound
1986, 22:36 min, color, sound
1984-86, 41:21 min, color, sound

The still photograph is transformed and reframed in time in these exquisite collections of thirty-second "video postcards." An image of a city appears to be captured as a traditional postcard, frozen in time. Suddenly the photograph is "released," electronically brought to life for one heightened, anecdotal moment — a single gesture, a punctuating sound — and then frozen again. Witty and often poignant, these revelatory documents of time, place and memory denote a fleeting, ephemeral reality. By puncturing the static freeze-frame with movement and sound, the artists open the pictorial illusion in space and time, revealing the "before" and "after" of the photographic moment. Animated with the significance of everyday detail, the still image is transformed into a narrative for what the artists call "thirty seconds worth of dreams." Produced in Paris, New York, Rome, Quebec, Iceland, Lisbon, Cairo, Algiers, and other sites around the world, these video postcards are invitations to a perceptual voyage, via the subtle magic of a temporal trompe l'oeil.