Parcelle de ciel

1987, 18 min, color, sound

Parcelle de ciel is a haunting interpretation of a dance performance choreographed by Susan Buirge. Cahen employs spare but sensuous visual effects to distill the essential rhythm, movements and tone of the dance. Electronic imaging techniques that slow time and motion are used to transpose the dancers' gestures into ghostly echoes that hover and fade like memory traces on the screen. Cahen transforms the surface of the image, as the dancers' fluid movements appear luminous and ethereal within an otherworldly dream-space.

Choreography: Susan Buirge. Special Effects: Stéphane Huter. Editor: Ermeline Le Mezo. Music: Charles Ives, Henry Purcell, Anton von Webern. Dancers: Michel Barthome, Denis Detournay, Caroline Dudan, Gilles Estran, Anne Nichol-Hypolite, Sarah Llanas, Xavier Lot, Christine Roillet. A co-production of Maison de la Culture de La Rochelle/La Sept/INA/ARCANAL.