Hong Kong Song

1989, 21 min, color

Cahen writes that Hong Kong Song is an exploration of "the sonic identity of Hong Kong, its space and architecture. Modern China merges with ancient China; the reality of this city sounds and resounds from image to image, revealing a multi-faceted vision." Produced within the context of "Urbasonic 88," an artistic and scientific project of the French research studio Espaces Nouveaux, this work manifests Hong Kong's frenetic urban rhythms, its people, and its natural environment through a synergy of time and space, aural and visual textures.

Imaging/Electronic Effects: Stéphane Huter. Sound: Francis Wargnier. Editor: Ermeline Le Mezo. Oscilloscope Effects: Jean-Pierre Mollet. Produced by INA/LA7/FR 3 with the participation of C.N.C.