1985, 42:58 min, color, sound

In this vivid transposition of contemporary music for television, Cahen "responds" to the complex musical transitions of Répons, a work by French composer Pierre Boulez. Performed by the Ensemble InterContemporain and conducted by Boulez, the intricate Répons was designed for an ensemble of twenty-four musicians, six soloists and a "real-time" digital processor. In Cahen's re-composed interpretation, he responds with visual and temporal transformations, "opening" the images in space and time and applying electronic techniques to engulf the instrumentalists in ocean, sky, and trees. Mirage-like superimpositions, temporal shifts, mirroring effects and de-synchronization result in a rhythmic confluence of the illusory and the real. Immersing the viewer in image and sound, Cahen mirrors the transformative process of Boulez's music.

Music: Pierre Boulez. Director of Photography: Marc Baschet. Special Effects: Stéphane Huter. Produced by INA, COL.IMA.SON, and IRCAM/CGP. With: The Ensemble InterContemporain; Pierre Boulez, Conductor. Editor: Ermeline Le Mezo.