Juste le temps

1983, 12:45 min, color, sound

In Juste le temps, Cahen formulates an implied fiction within an impressionistic, dreamlike journey of a woman on a train moving through the French countryside. Cahen's rich, painterly abstraction of the landscape passing beyond the frame of the train's window — lushly colorized and transmuted through electronic processing — is a formal counterpoint to the narrative tension and desire suggested by fragmented, cinematic glimpses of an elusive encounter between the woman and a man inside the train. Applying aural and visual nuance to connote narrative suspense and displacement, Cahen manipulates images and reconceives time to intimate passages of vision and temporality. This voyage of abstraction and figuration denotes a reality both transitory and transformed.

Special Effects: Stéphane Huter, Jean-Pierre Mollet. Music: Michel Chion. With: Nathalie Daladier, Gerard Dessales. Imaging: Andre Mrugalski. Lighting: Jean Belfenni. Sound: Michelle Notte, Jean Minondo, Claude Moretti. Editors: Eric Vernier, Andre Colas.