A Europa em 5 Minutos (Europe in Five Minutes)

1986, 13:57 min, color, sound

This fragmented documentary/fiction uses a tourist's travel recordings to illuminate what Santos terms the "domestic language" of Super-8 film and the politics of cultural documentation. Super-8 footage shot and narrated by a 78-year-old Brazilian tourist — shaky scenes of Paris, Rome and London — underscores how image-making technologies reduce cultural experience to sightseeing cliches and familiar milestones. Santos critiques the tourist's "lack of knowledge and understanding of movie language and its subject — in this particular case, the various cultures 'documented' by him in his travellings. The end result is a broad panoramic view of the typical Brazilian middle class' insight into what they think Europe and the United States are like." Intercut with the travelogue "home movies" are filmmakers and other media professionals, who talk about the art of working with Super-8.

In Portuguese with English voiceover.

Director/Editor: Éder Santos. Super-8 Footage/Voiceover: Teresino Caldeira Brant. Camera: Bellini Andrade, Marcus Nascimento.