1993, 17:40 min, color, sound

Santos constructs a lyrical meditation on his native Brazilian landscape, its culture and its inhabitants. Santos pays tribute to two important historical figures from Brazilian cinema — Humberto Mauro and Mario Peixoto — and their films The Ox-cart and The Limit. Contemporary footage, recorded in Death Valley and in Janauba, a town in the artist's native state of Minas Gerais, describes landscapes that appear to be untouched by time. In contrast, the reality of their inhabitants suggests an idealized, yet never realized, future.

Director: Éder Santos. Screenplay: Marcus Nascimento, Éder Santos. Directors of Photography: Evandro Rogers, Éder Santos. Still Shot Effects: Eugénio Sávio. Music: Stephen Vitiello. Producer: Marcelo Braga. Featuring: Mônica Medeiros, Samuel Rosa, and People from Janaúba. Text: Marcus Nascimento.