Mentiras & Humilhacoes (Lies & Humiliations)

1988, 3:54 min, color, sound

Lies & Humiliations is a haunting and lyrical work that merges poetic language and Super-8 images to invoke memory and its ghosts. Infused with an almost ethereal light, images of a house evoke its past — an old-fashioned kitchen and dining room, an ancient roof. Visions that recall childhood memories are superimposed like apparitions onto images of the present. Spoken in voiceover, a Carlos Drumond de Andrade poem, LIQUIDACAO/Special Sale, becomes a denunciatory litany that emphasizes the past's inability to cope with the future: "The house was sold, with/All its remembrances/All its furniture/All its nightmares/All its committed sins/Or those about to be..."

In Portuguese with English subtitles.

Poem: Carlos Drumond de Andrade. Translator: Aecio Santos. Script: Éder Santos, Marcus Nascimento. Music: Stephen Vitiello, James Kavoussi. Director/Editor: Éder Santos.