Intriguing People (Enredando As Pessoas)

1995, 70 min, color, sound, Portuguese with English subtitles

Brazilian artist Eder Santos's first feature length work, shot in Spain, employs a rich and varied score by Stephen Vitiello to mobilize the mystic journey of an image prophet who can project his vision into the world. This prophet finds himself in a landscape where images — regardless of their deceitfulness, or honesty — wield enormous influence. His pilgrimage among men and cultures is told through "electronic parables," a series of off-kilter and comic musings on love, language and religion.

Director: Éder Santos. Consultants: André Ampano, Marcus Nascimento, Sandra Perna. Director of Photography: Adam Cohen, Pedro Ionesco. Camera Motion/Steadicam: Marco Tutio Guglielmoni. Original Sound Track: Stephen Vitiello. Sound Recording: Benard Seidler. Set Design: Thomas Nölle (Spain), Fernando Velloso (Brazil). Editing: Marcio Daneliczin, Anselimo Lafeta, Eder Santos. Computer Graphics: Rogério Godoy, Carlos Eduardo san Morta, Runaldo Zenúbio. Choreography: Carmen Rurri. Executive Producer/Director of Production: Marcelo Braga. Danish Film Institute Workshop.