1998, 4:15 min, color, sound

In this haunting work, Santos creates an elegiac mood that suggests both intimacy and loss. Based on a poem by Sandra Penna, which was inspired by a children's song about a couple who has broken up, this tape overturns the sunny idealism and rhymes typically found in children's songs. Contradictory feelings, imperfect remembrances and the inaccuracy of time are suggested by the poignant collage of home movies, voiceover, and music.

Director: Éder Santos. Music: Stephen Vitiello, Josefina Cerqueira. Editing: Eder Santos, Andre Amparo, Anselmo Lafeta. Assistant Director: Lucas Gontijo, Andre Amparo, Anselmo Lafeta. English version: Rodrigo Morici. Images: Stephen Vitiello, Evandro Rogers, Éder Santos. Appearances: Tracy Leipold, Sandra Penna, Stephen Vitiello, Thor, Lua, Violeta. Poem: Sandra Penna. Realizacåo Emvideo.