Projeto Apollo

2000, 4 min, color, sound

Combining artfully designed sets and digital processing, Santos recreates the historic Apollo lunar landing for this essayistic video, which uses simulation to interrogate representation. Relating a long-circulated rumor that the landing was actually faked in a NASA film studio — an opinion reputedly held by cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, among others — Santos delicately negotiates the increasingly blurry line between fact and fiction. As he notes in his on-screen text, the coming of the Internet makes any purported fact "easy to say, hard to prove."

Creation/Direction: Eder Santos. Director of Photography: Evandro Rogers. Edition: Eder Santos, Pedro Vilela, Sidney Vieira. Music: Stephen Vitiello. Scenery: Sotero Antunes. Text Acessorize: Sandra Penna de Jesus, Ana Christina Gontijo. With: Rodrigo Signorely. Realization: Trem Chique, EMVIDEO.