A Tale of Two Cities

1992, 1 min, color, sound

Television on speed, Paik and Garrin's A Tale of Two Cities is a potpourri of pop personalities, avant-garde antics and international cultural kitsch, where past, present and future collide in the kaleidoscopic, hyper-kinetic, televisually "now."

Produced by the American Center, Paris, in collaboration with the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Public Art Fund. Featuring: Laurie Anderson, Joseph Beuys, Yves Montand, Charlotte Moorman, Sapho. Producer/Director: Nam June Paik, Paul Garrin. Post Production Facility: Caesar Video Graphics, Inc. In-House Producer: Robert Buganza. Editor: Don Kleszy. Producer: Robert Beck.


PLEASE NOTE: Allow extra lead-in time if you are planning a public screening or exhibition of Nam June Paik's single screen video works. All such orders must be forwarded by EAI to the Paik Studio for their agreement before any event can be confirmed.


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1992, 24 min, color, sound