MAJORCA - fantasia

1989, 4:52 min, color, sound

MAJORCA-fantasia is a densely textured collage of often discordant, often beautiful visual and aural elements. To an exquisite musical composition by Chopin, as interpreted by Charlie Morrow, Paik and Garrin create a surreal pastiche of fragmented, manipulated elements: The late Joseph Beuys howls in a bold performance piece, dancer Amy Greenfield rolls in mud, Paik is shown destroying a piano in an early performance. At once witty and startling, Paik and Garrin's unexpected juxtapositions and layered electronic alterations of this material are applied with virtuosic control. In particular, the powerful distortions of Beuys' performance resonate as a haunting homage to the late artist.

Music: Charlie Morrow. Starring: Joseph Beuys, Amy Greenfield. Thanks: Betsy Connors, Hillary Harris, Ralph Scaglione (Broadway Video), Christopher Martinez (Electric Film), SEIBU Museum, I & S Inc. Tokyo.


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