2006, 24:24 min, color, sound

Jacobs' first 'Nervous Magic Lantern' performance (1990) paired with a soundtrack by Harrison Birtwistle (1971).

Ken Jacobs writes: "Magic Lantern performance (a work for one projector) recorded to video. Mesh of clockwork sounds by Harrison Birtwistle. 'The movie projector's a kind of clock', the artist Ed Bachelor said. Somewhere inside the machine beats a Piranesi space, shaped and given dimension by a string of exposures of a seated woman undulating gravity-free. Who is this alluring lady of this filmstrip-tease? I call her Dinah, because the name contains a d, an n, and an a. Dinah Ovum! She is waiting, she is confident, she is radioing for help. Her message: 'Let us gestate, love.'"

Music Composition: Harrison Birtswstle, 1971. Tape realized by Peter Zinovieff. Nervous Magic Lantern Performance by Ken Jacobs, 1990.




music composition by Harrison Birtwistle, 1971 tape realized by Peter Zinovieff

Nervous Magic Lantern Performance by Ken Jacobs, 1990

© 2007 Ken Jacobs