1979, 25:32 min, color, sound

Divided into ten abstracted "stories," this study of sound and image juxtaposition employs rapid cutting as its primary visual strategy. Although such strategies have become standard conventions of music videos and television advertising, the artists broke new ground at the time with fast edits, dissolves, real-time manipulation and altered synchronization of sound and image. In deftly orchestrated interpretations of gesture and movement, simple events are reassembled into compelling compositions — rhythmic, stream-of-consciousness flows of images and sounds that play with illusion and reality. In Entropy, the everyday ritual of eating breakfast is fragmented into rapid, staccato images and sounds. A new language of sounds and chants is generated through rapid-fire editing and repetition in Aphasia. Editing and dissolves are used to re-choreograph movement in Motive.

Editors: M. Scott Cole, John J. Godfrey, Lamar Howard, Brian J. Isaacson, Tom Klemesrud.

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