21st Annual World Eskimo-Indian Olympics

1983, 27 min, color, sound

The exhilarating image of a human figure momentarily suspended against the sky — a signature Blumberg shot — is the soaring introduction to this high-spirited documentary, and to the Eskimo-Indian game of blanket toss. Blumberg conveys the essence of the annual Eskimo-Indian games, which are derived from ancestral survival techniques in a communal celebration of competition and tradition. With daring camera work, Blumberg captures the strength, athletics, excitement and challenge of these contests — the knuckle hop, the greased pole walk, the high kick. Focusing on the personal stories of two competitors, and the camaraderie and sportsmanship of the teams, Blumberg's central theme is the cultural affirmation of Eskimo-Indian heritage through sport and games.

Producer/Director/Camera/Editor: Skip Blumberg. Audio/VTR/Lighting: Jan Kroeze. Videotape Editor: John J. Godfrey. Production: Andy Aaron, Jane Aaron, Sandy Osawa, Margie Schwartz.