Pick Up Your Feet: The Double Dutch Show

1981, 28:25 min, color, sound

The Emmy Award-winning Pick Up Your Feet celebrates the astonishing skills and determined spirit of the young participants in the Double Dutch Championship in New York City. Following his heroines as they move from grueling practice sessions to stunning public performances, Blumberg captures their acrobatic prowess at Double Dutch jump-roping. Establishing an easygoing rapport with his young subjects and allowing them to speak for themselves, Blumberg conveys the significance of team sports for these teenagers, whose exhilarating energy and skills at the art of Double Dutch jump-roping are dazzling.

Audio/VTR: Jan Kroeze, Esti Galili Marpet, Jerry Ross, Richard Young. Additional Camera: Joel Gold, Bill Marpet. On-line Editor: Scott Doniger. Lighting: Jan Kroeze. Produced in association with the Television Laboratory at WNET/Thirteen. Executive Producer: Carol Brandenburg.