Essentials of Tap Technique

1989, 6 min, color, sound

In this delightful performance collaboration, Blumberg highlights the tap skills of dancers Charles "Cookie" Cook, Brenda Bufalino and Kevin Ramsey. Focusing on the performers' movements from the knee down, Blumberg uses slow motion to isolate such tap techniques as the "toe stab," "flam with pull-back," and "trenches." The syncopated tapping forms a rhythmic counterpart to the dancers' demonstration of the essentials of their art.

Dance/Video by: Charles Cook, Skip Blumberg, Susan Goldbetter. Dancers: Brenda Bufalino, Charles "Cookie" Cook, Kevin Ramsey. Post Production Editor: Scott Doniger. Lighting: Jim Denny. Audio: Mike Friese, Joseph Cicali.