Women of the Calabash

1987, 18:58 min, color, sound

This is an engaging television documentary of cultural celebration, conveyed through the rich performance of the African-American a capella singing quartet, Women of the Calabash. The performers are set within a vibrant tapestry of vividly patterned African fabrics and prints, a visual accompaniment to the textures and rhythms of their music. Including South African protest songs, glottal breathing and bamboo tube stamping, the women's dynamic music is a resonant statement of culture, presented here in a compelling performance document.

Producer/Director/Editor: Skip Blumberg. Camera: Maryse Alberti, Bill Marpet. Produced by KTCA. With Madeleine Yayodele Nelson, Ahmondylla Best, Pam Patrick, Ti'Ye Giraud.