Interviews with Interviewers... About Interviewing

1985, 51:35 min, color, sound

Reversing television's conventional "talking heads" format, Blumberg, in his trademark conversational style, questions professional interviewers about the art of interviewing. Part "New Journalism," part video verité, this work presents TV's Mike Wallace and Barbara Walters, Pulitzer Prize winner and radio personality Studs Terkel, National Public Radio's Susan Stamberg, New York City Police Detective Sean Grennan, and psychoanalyst Dr. Joel Kovel, talking candidly and sometimes evasively about the interviewing process. Balancing the camera on his shoulder, Blumberg conducts interviews on style, trickery, empathy, criticism and the limits of fairness and taste, subtly revealing the fears, goals, tactics and intent of each personality. Blumberg's curiosity and humor succeed in turning the tables on his subjects.

Producer/Interviewer/Camera/Editor: Skip Blumberg. Lighting/VTR: Jan Kroeze, Julie Akeret, Chris Beaver.