Spalding Gray's "A Personal History of the American Theater"

1985, 26:50 min, color, sound

Here Blumberg captures the minimalist style of performance artist Spalding Gray, who has refined the art of the autobiographical monologue to a provocative form of cultural critique. Taking his cues from a stack of cards with the names of plays in which he performed throughout the 1960s and '70s, Gray turns each tidbit of information into an inspired anecdote and becomes animated with recollection. In this humorous and enthusiastic rendition of his personal roles in avant-garde theater, Gray presents a microcosm of the relentless and self-conscious experimentation of this period of American theater.

Director: Skip Blumberg. Writer/Performer: Spalding Gray. Camera: Robert S. Hutchings, Jr. Produced by KTCA and Walker Art Center.