Irony (The Abyss of Speech)

1985, 28:50 min, color, sound

In this highly reflexive work, three characters and their doubles confront the transparency of mental and physical "fictions" and "realities" during the making of a film. As Feingold writes, "the story appears to be missing, but, circling around it, the characters move through layers of speech and image." The device of a film-within-a-film serves as the structural underpinning of a larger inquiry into questions of content, context, subjectivity, objectivity and identity. Artifice and illusion, stylized spectacle and raw emotion, the director and the actors, and the artist and the viewer all converge in this non-narrative meta-drama that questions the very process of image-making.

Written/Directed/Recorded/Edited: Ken Feingold. Music: Ratso Harris. With: Francine Zerfas, Madeleine Sosin, Dorman, Ricardo Block, Yolanda Hawkins, Andrea Dorman, Harold Branson Harris, Jon Marc Edwards. Lighting: Andrea Dorman. Camera: Victor Boris Prohopov, James Ockhuly, Lisa Nebenzahl. Coproduced in association with the Contemporary Art Television (CAT) Fund, The Kitchen, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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