Around the Park

2007, 7:26 min, color, sound

Around the Park was a public art project commissioned by the Madison Square Park Conservency in New York in autumn 2007. The video, which stars Wegman's canine cast enjoying a fall day in the park, was presented on four outdoor monitors near Madison Square Park's food kiosk.

Commissioned by the Madison Square Park Conservatory. Director: William Wegman. Camera: Andrea Beeman. Crew: Jason Burch, Ben Dowell, Marlo Kovach, Sara Fuller. Starring: Bobbin, Candy, Penny. Hands: Jason Burch, Marlo Kovach, Katie Williams. Cameo Appearances: Molly Burch, Lola Wegman, William Wegman. Editor: Andrea Beeman. Additional Sound Editing: Ben Tudhope. Online Editor: George Englezos. Special Thanks: Stewart Desmond, Debbie Landau, Kim Wicker.