Selected Works: Reel 9

1999, 21:40 min, color, sound

With his sets and situations becoming ever more elaborate and absurdist, Wegman's latest collection of short pieces reveals an increasing concern with artifice, theatricality, and television.

Reel 9 includes the following pieces: Depressed; Hockey; Flower Catalog; Mixer; Women Artists; Lecture; Pert 2650305; Minister; Management Fidelity Risk; Confession; Running Out of Time; Two Hands; A Chorus Line; The Lover, Tea Party, The Basement; Okay, Go!

Featured Players: William Wegman with Jen Allison, Andrea Beeman, Jason Burch, Julie Hindley, Sarah Sockit. Production: Andrea Beeman, Jason Burch, Marilys Ernst. Editor: Steve Silkensen. Online Facility: DMZ, NYC.