Selected Works: Reel 5

1974-75, 30:20 min, b&w, sound

In Reel 5, Wegman and Man Ray are featured in outrageous bits of conceptual humor, often using the device of off-screen dialogue. Extended actions lead to wildly anticlimactic endings; everyday situations and objects are transformed through unexpected incongruities into absurdly comic events. In one extended sequence, Wegman dangles a roll of tape to the accompaniment of polka music. In other segments, Man Ray laps milk from a glass in extreme close-up, jumps at the camera, and stands in dignified repose until a ball suddenly drops from his mouth.

Reel 5 includes the following pieces: Nocturne; Stalking; Audio Tape and Video Tape; Dancing Tape; Hobo on Train; Drinking Milk; Copyright; Buying a House; Lerch Hairpieces; Tammy and Can of Plums; Loves Water; Average Guy; Newscast; Marbles; Ball Drop; Treat Table; Hey Roy