Selected Works: Reel 3

1972-73, 21:41 min, b&w, sound

Reel 3 focuses on Wegman's absurdist fictions, performed as droll monologues and parodic sales demonstrations, as well as on the manipulated antics of the trusting Man Ray. In Born With No Mouth, Wegman is seen with a face full of lather. He tells a story about how he was born with no mouth: "When my grandfather died, his mouth was grafted on. I've been shaving ever since." In one of Man Ray's appearances, the obedient dog responds with bewilderment as Wegman plies him with a barrage of contradictory questions.

Reel 3 includes the following pieces: Stick and Tooth; Emperor and Dish; Lucky T-Shirt; Rage and Depression; Speed Reading; Born with No Mouth; Dual Function; Massage Chair; Raise Treat; Man Ray, Do You Want To?; Crooked Finger, Crooked Stick; Deodorant; Bubble Up; Joke Paper; Model Child; What Do You Want?; Paper Meaning; Same Old Shirt; 47 Seconds