Selected Works: Reel 8

1997-98, 25:52 min, color, sound

In Reel 8, Wegman continues to explore the far reaches of the shaggy dog story. Like the classic performance reels from the 1970s that preceded it, Reel 8 is a series of untitled skits employing simple sets and costumes, protracted single shots, and Wegman's characteristic lack of affect. His erstwhile dogs make fewer appearances than usual; instead, other people are brought in as foils for Wegman's oblique wit. Several of these bare-bones narratives focus on the entertainment industry, with Wegman taking on roles that include performing magician, stagehand, writer, and director. In the climactic skit, actual footage of Wegman's appearance on The David Letterman Show is intercut with a purposefully lackadaisical studio recreation.

Reel 8 includes the following pieces:Ordinary Deck; Stagehand; Typist; Installed Guitar; What's the Story?; Denatured Alcohol; Car Wouldn't Start; Log Cabin Cinnamon Toast; Two Dogs; Living Room of the Future; Phone Card; Crossing Guard; Late Night

Featured Players: Andrea Beeman, Jason Burch, Matt Garton, Julie Hindley, William Wegman. Special Appearances: David Letterman, Paul Schaffer, The World's Most Dangerous Band. Production: Andrea Beeman, Jason Burch. Editor: Steve Silkensen. Online Facility: DMZ, NYC.