Selected Works: Reel 2

1972, 14:19 min, b&w, sound

In Reel 2, Wegman plays with trust and manipulation of Man Ray, of the viewer, of an imaginary "television audience." Using single objects, actions or ideas as premises for a series of monologues, he creates droll parodies of the exaggerated claims and hyperbolic rhetoric of television demonstrations and advertisements. Man Ray is also featured in a series of extended actions, in which the humor derives from the predictability of his canine behavior and the incongruous meaning assigned to it. Many of these actions appear to parody the indulgences of conceptual performance art: Man Ray pushes a bottle around the floor, trying to extract something from it. The piece lasts until the bottle breaks. Others rely on the dog's obedience and willingness to be manipulated: Wegman flips a coin, turns Man Ray around, flips the coin again, continuing to turn the baffled dog around and around.

Reel 2 includes the following pieces: Sanforized; Coin Toss
; Monkey Business
; Same Shirt; 
Diving Board
; Straw and String; 
In the Cup; 
The Kiss
; Name Board
; Peck and Chuck; Treat Bottle