Selected Works: Reel 4

1973-74, 20:33 min, b&w, sound

Reel 4 includes deadpan conceptual monologues, parodic commercials and demonstrations, and absurdist anecdotes with Man Ray, including visual one-liners in which the dog is subjected to hilarious indignities: Man Ray sleeps peacefully until startled by a loud alarm clock; poses awkwardly with his paw on a ball; endures a barrage of falling paper. Also included are classic monologue pieces, in which Man Ray serves as the comic foil for Wegman's droll fictions. In New and Used Car Salesman, Wegman hoists the struggling dog onto his lap to prove his sincerity to the "television" audience. In the classic Spelling Lesson, Man Ray appears contrite as Wegman corrects his spelling test: "You spelled it B-E-E-C-H which is like... well, there's a gum called Beech-nut, but we meant beach like the sand. So it should have been B-E-A-C-H."

Reel 4 includes the following pieces: Wake Up; Trip Across Country; Down Time;
Saw Movies; 
Cocktail Waiter; 
Nail Business
; Calling Man Ray; 
New and Used Car Salesman
; On the Ball
; Tails; 
Radar Screen; 
Air Travel
; Growl
; Spelling Lesson; Criticize; Pyramids; Symbolize; The Letter; Mixing Bucket; Bug Repellant; Snowflakes