Spit Sandwich

1970, 15:10 min, b&w, sound

Spit Sandwich is a hilarious compilation of Wegman's earliest works. A series of short, single-take anecdotes that introduce his idiosyncratic approach to video and humor, these technically raw-edged vignettes use understated means to create conceptual sight gags and absurdist one-liners. Wegman's deadpan spoken delivery of his monologues, and his ingenious use of everyday objects, subvert the viewer's expectations and transform the ordinary into the surreal.

Spit Sandwich includes the following pieces: I got...; Chair/Lamp/Suitcase; Muscles; Falling Milk; TV Plunger; Clamp Cut; Crane Art; Twins; Alex, Bart and Bill; Astronaut; Tonsil Song; Tortoise and the Hare; Mixer; Backwards; Squirrel Around; Classical Ruins; Studio Work; Spit Sandwich; Ill