Budgets for single-channel video exhibitions or screenings vary greatly. A range of factors, including the length of the screening or exhibition, the exhibition, format, and the number and kind of works involved all play a role in the budget. Video rental fees, technical production fees, equipment costs, technical staff, and packing and shipping expenses should be taken into consideration when budgeting for a media exhibition. The following is an outline of the kinds of costs that one can anticipate.

Technical Staff

Unless your institution has individuals experienced in media exhibition design and installation on staff, it is advisable to bring a technical advisor on board. You will need technical oversight for installation, maintenance and de-installation, and should budget for all three phases. Often the artist or artist's assistant has the technical knowledge to install and de-install the work and equipment, and can assist in budgeting.

Packing and Shipping Expenses

Exhibitors are typically responsible for all shipping costs of receiving and returning single-channel video works. Video works are typically inexpensive to ship and do not require the same extensive crating and art handling common to work in other mediums. Rush shipping, of course, will increase costs considerably. However, care should be taken to package works in well-padded boxes that can endure shipping. Fiber-filled packaging should be avoided, as tiny fibers can infiltrate tape housing.