Planning Process

Preserving a computer-based artwork can follow a process similar to that used for a traditional artwork, but there are also challenges specific to digital media. Documentation is especially critical, for example, and storage issues are much more complicated. One other point to remember: experts in the field will tell you that the factor most commonly responsible for the failure of digital files is human error. The failure to anticipate future problems, to label files properly, to record necessary information-these are potentially far more damaging than obsolescence or deterioration. Hopefully this planning guide will help you avoid such problems for your collection.

For more information, see the Best Practices section of this website.

Quality Control

Quality control is necessary for any form of digital preservation in which duplication, migration, or other reformatting is involved. As with inspection, quality control involves thorough testing of a new version of the work. Test the behaviors and functionality of a work against the original. If the original is no longer accessible, test against documentation of the original.