Secure acid-free labels with the corresponding unique identification number on the installation, each media component, and on hardware devices required to play back and display the work, including decks and monitors. Also, label portable storage devices for computer-based artworks such as floppy discs, zip discs or optical discs-these devices should have the unique identification number of the work that they relate to.

Of course it is important that the label be discreetly placed so it does not affect the overall "look" of the piece.

Keep in mind that the adhesive on labels can dry out and the label can fall off. Optical media such as CDs or DVDs should be stored in polypropylene jewel cases with acid-free labels. The unique identifier should be written on the clear plastic inner hub of the disc with an archival, soft felt-tip, non-solvent, water-based, permanent ink marker.

Labels should include the following information:

· Unique identification number
· Title(s)
· Artist(s)/Creator(s)/Developer(s)/Designer(s)
· Date of work and date of the physical medium
· Format(s)
· Generation, state, or version of the work