Agreements and Contracts

Specific agreements should be made with the artists that outline the conditions for exhibiting a computer-based artwork. As with video, the duplication of this data without the artist's consent can represent an infringement of the artist's rights, or even compromise existing contracts between the artist and the artist's collectors or gallerists. As is often the case with computer-based art, the artwork itself will probably be made available for exhibition by the artist or a collecting institution. The nature of agreements will vary greatly depending on the source of the artwork (museum, gallery, artist), or if the artwork is a "stand-alone" object comprised of all the necessary hardware and software components, rather than a mere executable file in need of equipment. Even if the project is readily available on the Internet, specific conditions for presentation in an exhibition setting may need to be met.

The following are sample agreements and contracts from new media organization Rhizome, which address the exhibition of Web-based works. For documents specific to the exhibtion of computer-based installation works, please visit the Installation Agreements and Contracts section of this guide.

About Rhizome is an online platform for the global new media art community. Rhizome's programs support the creation, presentation, discussion and preservation of contemporary art that uses new technologies in significant ways.

Rhizome was founded in 1996 as a mailing list for some of the first artists experimenting with making art online. Since that time, Rhizome has established itself as a central hub for the new media art field and come to offer a variety of resources and services including archives of art and critical writing, new media arts-related publications, an annual Commissions program, and a youth outreach initiative. Rhizome became a non-profit in 1998, and formed an affiliation with the New Museum of Contemporary Art in 2003.

Rhizome Linked Object Agreement

A sample of the agreement that Rhizome asks artists to sign when they submit linked objects to the ArtBase.


Cloned Object Agreement

A sample of the agreement that Rhizome asks artists to sign when they submit cloned objects to the ArtBase.