HD Monitors

A note about Cathode ray tubes Many video experts prefer professional cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors to flat-panel monitors. CRTs offer the best brightness, contrast, and color reproduction of any display system, producing true, "inky blacks" where flat panels can only produce shades of gray. CRTs are definitely the best method for displaying "born-analog" video.

CRTs work well in bright and dark rooms. Sony no longer manufactures Trinitron monitors, and these excellent displays will probably become more valuable over time. If you must get rid of your Trinitron or other professional-grade monitor, consider donating it to another institution rather than throwing it away.

A note about cables To display HD sources, it is necessary to use HD digital connections. HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) cables are the best option, because they carry high-resolution video and high-quality audio. DVI cables are the second-best option, because they carry only high-resolution video, and require a separate audio connection.

A note about HD monitors HD (flatscreen) monitors usually need to be calibrated after purchase. New monitors leave the factory with the brightness setting on maxium so that they will stand out on the retail showroom floor. Turning down the brightness to a medium level will reduce power consumption, extend the life of the monitor and improve the picture.