Best Practices

The preservation of a single-channel video work is best approached not as an overwhelmingly complex task, but as a series of logical actions, each building on the work that has come before. The practices outlined below will guide you through these actions as they are currently practiced by experienced archivists and conservators.

Each preservation project, each video work, and each institution is unique. The works may be well cataloged or in disarray. There may be a single, highly valuable title or hundreds of works of unknown value. These guidelines should be approached as just that--guidelines that will help you form a preservation strategy to suit your situation. Perhaps more important, they will also help you understand the questions you need to ask vendors or archivists as your project moves forward.

Preservation projects are never easy, but remember that even the smallest step you take can add life to the works you hope to protect for future generations.


Inspection at Intake/Cataloging


Preservation and Migration

Quality Control