Promised Land

1990, 7:16 min, color, sound

Resonating with spirituality, memory and loss, Promised Land is one of Gorewitz's most deeply felt works. An immigrant, newly arrived in America, discovers that the myth of the "promised land" is illusory, and longs for the world left behind. The spoken cadences of his despondent letters home to his brother result in a hypnotic, melancholy aural rhythm. With dreamlike visions of verdant landscapes, Gorewitz paints a shimmering, vibrant picture of the Caribbean landscape — the colors pulsate in time with the music. The decaying, urban New York landscape is black and white, pierced with a police siren. Culminating in a reading of Psalm 55 — "Oh, that I had wings like a dove... I would fly away and be at rest" — this work has an almost religious power.

Video/Text/Computer: Shalom Gorewitz. On-Line Editor: Richard Korn. Audio Post Production: Brooks Williams. Performers: Romeo Fontenelle, Joe Schlichter.

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