2005, 16 min, color, sound

Writes Gorewitz: "Bush Blinks is based on internet pictures that collected on my computer while I was in Israel during the spring mixed with a few digital stills I shot there. At first I was playing with the 'blink' filter in the editing software, making it look as through Bush and other world leaders were just annoying moments in time as they flicked from one to another. Then I started to think more about blinking as a possible visual clue to lies. The video ends with the question: who will blink first, the US or Iran?

"Point No Point is a study of the New Jersey Meadowlands during a residency at the Environmental Center there. Sections were recorded from boats, during walks, and while driving through the area. The title is an actual spot, a narrow turning place under two bridges that snake over and around the uncertain waters of what should be a pristine flood gate for both coasts of the Hudson River."

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