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K-CoreaINC. K (section a)

Ryan Trecartin

2009, 33:05 min, color, sound, HD video

K-Corea INC. K (section a) is one of seven works in Trecartin's 2009/2010 Rotation. Kevin McGarry writes, "The cast of K-Corea INC. K is mainly comprised of actors dressed as various 'Koreas (sounds like careers), in blond wigs, powder, and office casual attire, the sum of which Trecartin calls...


Kae, Act Like A Girl

Mako Idemitsu

1996, 47 min, color, sound



Bruce and Norman Yonemoto in collaboration with Mike Kelley.

1986, 26 min, color, sound



Robert Cahen

1976, 8:53 min, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video

A portrait of Karine from birth to six years in black-and-white film and photographs.



Stanya Kahn

2009, 39:59 min, color, sound


Keeping an Eye on Stan

Ken Jacobs and Nisi Jacobs 

2003, 117 min, color, sound

The late, legendary experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage is the subject of this video portrait by his friends Ken Jacobs and Nisi Jacobs.The video closely documents Brakhage's last visit to New York, and captures scenes of his family life in Boulder, Colorado, affording a view of the artist that...


Ken Jacobs: 3 features and a short

Ken Jacobs

2010, 303 min, b&w, color and anaglyph 3-D, sound, DVD

2006, 92 min, color, sound
2008, 93 min, color, sound
2008, 108:22 min, anaglyph 3-D color, sound
This boxed-set DVD anthology brings together three of...



Tony Oursler

1991, 11:05 min, color, sound


Keys to Our Heart

Kalup Linzy

2008, 24:06 min, b&w, sound, English

"...Keys to Our Heart is a black and white 1940s period piece about an interracial love triangle that (surprise!) turns out to be an unconventional square. Its trite dialogue is peppered with profane, anachronistic slang; the acting is uneven and often exaggerated, and all the voices, both male...



Tony Labat

1983, 11:57 min, color, sound



Tony Cokes

2017, 5:14 min, color, sound, HD video


King David

Ulysses Jenkins

1978, 17:29 min, b&w, sound


Kiru Umi No Yoni

Peter Callas

1986, 21:53 min, color, sound


Kiss The Girls: Make Them Cry

Dara Birnbaum

1979, 6:50 min, color, sound


Kissing Doesn't Kill

Gran Fury 

1990, 40 sec each, color, sound


Kitch's Last Meal (Composite)

Carolee Schneemann

1973-76, 54:11 min, color, sound, Super 8mm film on HD video


Kitchen Girl

Ryan Trecartin

2001, 3 min, color, sound

In Kitchen Girl, Trecartin's frequent collaborator Lizzie Fitch throws herself into a state of total hysteria, portraying a girl who takes the childhood game of "playing house" to a dark and disturbing place. After pretending to cook dinner for her "kids," represented by colorful plush toys, she...


Kiyoko's Situation

Mako Idemitsu

1989, 24:19 min, color, sound


KK Queens Survey

Kalup Linzy

2005, 7:20 min, color, sound

In KK Queens Survey, Linzy appears as a New York artist/diva who submits to an outrageous telephone survey on her artistic and personal practices. ("Metaphorically speaking, how many asses have you kissed today?") Employing his signature strategy of voicing multiple characters, Linzy hilariously...


Kobolds' Gesänge

Klaus vom Bruch

1986, 5:10 min, color, sound


Kon Kon

Cecilia Vicuña

2010, 53:55 min, color, sound, HD video, Spanish with English subtitles


Kon Kon Pi

Cecilia Vicuña

2010, 13 min, color, sound, HD video


Korean Tape for Home

Sigrid Hackenberg

1989, 14 min, color, sound


Krypton is Doomed

Ken Jacobs

2005, 34 min, color, sound

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

This work is derived from one of Jacobs' Nervous Magic Lantern performances, which are created with a hand-manipulated projector and use neither film nor video. Highly...