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Hack Your Face


2009, 8:40 min, color, HD video


Hail the New Puritan

Charles Atlas 

1985-86, 84:47 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video

Exuberant and witty, Hail the New Puritan is a simulated day-in-the-life "docufantasy" starring the British dance celebrity Michael Clark. Atlas' fictive portrait of the charismatic choreographer serves as a vivid invocation of the studied decadence of the 1980s post-punk London subculture....


Hair Police '01-'02

C. Spencer Yeh

2004, 29:29, color, sound


Hair Police Live July 4th 2002

C. Spencer Yeh

2002, 12:42 min, color, sound



Barbara Hammer

1978, 4:40, color, silent, 16 mm film on HD video


Hand and Face

1961, 1:42 min, b&w, silent


Hand Dryer

Maggie Lee

2012, :27 sec, color, sound

In Hand Dryer, the artist dries her hands in the bathroom of the Loews Theater in Union Square after a screening of Men in Black III. The camera draws attention to the force and loudness of the dryer.


Hand to Hand

Vito Acconci 

1972, 12 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

In another exploration of nonverbal communication, the camera moves back and forth, each time catching one of Acconci's hands in an expressive gesture. The result is a kind of narrative or dialogue of gesture.


Hanky Panky January 1902

Ken Jacobs

2006, 1 min, color, silent

Jacobs writes: "This film marks the invention of human sexuality and as such figures as an important turning point in the course of human affairs."


Hannah Wilke Through the Large Glass

Hannah Wilke

1976, 10 min, color, silent, 16 mm film on video


Happenstance (part one of many parts)

Gary Hill

1982-83, 6:47 min, b&w, sound


Happy Birthday, America and Cape May: End of the Season

Maxi Cohen

1976-81, 20:39 min, b&w and color, sound


Happy New Order

Canal Dechaine

1992, 1 min, color, sound

With computer artist Olivia Tele Clavel, Dechaine reworks archetypal images from recent American history depicting moments in the fight for human dignity — of protest, resistance and displays of pride and outrage.


Happy Song For You

Stanya Kahn with Llyn Foulkes 

2011, 5:07 min, color, sound, HD video

Made with artist Llyn Foulkes, Happy Song For You is infused with Kahn's unique approach to storytelling in which death and tenacity, humor and absurdity, function as central forces. Influenced in turn by Foulkes' unique, three-dimensional approach to painting and a shared morbid sensibility, the...


Hard Metals Disease

Jon Alpert 

1984, 27:44 min, color, sound


Hard Times and Culture: Part One, Vienna 'fin de siècle'

Juan Downey

1990, 34 min, color, sound


Hark! Hork!

Frank Gillette

1972-73, 19:25 min, b&w, sound


Harriet Craig

Alex Bag 

1998, 12:08 min, b&w, sound

Bag created this video for a 1998 group show titled Harriet Craig at apexart in New York. Curated by David Rimanelli, the exhibition focused on the 1950 melodrama Harriet Craig, which starred Joan Crawford, and its themes of "domesticity, femininity and the underbelly of potential madness in...


Haste Makes Waste

John Baldessari 

1973, 4 min, b&w, silent


Hatsu Yume (First Dream)

Bill Viola

1981, 56 min, color, sound



Ursula Hodel

1997, 29 min, color, sound


Have A Nice Day Alone

Leslie Thornton

2002, 6:52 min, b&w, sound

Writes Thomas Zummer: "Elusive and compelling, Have a Nice Day Alone is surpassingly strange, even for Leslie Thornton, an acknowledged genius of the unexpected. The entire spatial field of the film is activated by a technological nervous twitch, a bizarrely beautiful and hypnotic pulsing. The...


He Saw Her Burning

Joan Jonas

1983, 19:32 min, color, sound



Cheryl Donegan

1993, 2:54 min, color, sound



Zoe Beloff and Eric Muzzy 

2022, 7:14 min, color, sound, HD video

This interview is with Adam Lopez, Longshore Worker at Red Hook Container Terminals.



Tony Cokes

2004, 7:09 min, color, sound

In Headphones, Cokes investigates the social value of music as a means of channeling violence, before and after its economic profitability. Animating a text by music theorist and economist Jacques Attali, author of Noise: The Political Economy of Music (1977), Cokes argues that music "piracy" is...


Heads in the Dark

Alex Hubbard

2009, 18:55 min, color, sound


Health Care: Your Money or Your Life

Jon Alpert and Keiko Tsuno. 

1977, 58:10 min, color, sound


Hearts and Helicopters - A Trilogy

Lawrence Weiner

2000, 52:25 min, color, sound


Heaven Earth & Hell

Thomas Allen Harris

1993, 25:19 min, color, sound


heaven is what i've done (for my fellow beings)

Pier Marton

1984, 2:36 min, color, sound


Heaven's Gate

Peggy Ahwesh 

2000-01, 3:53 min, b&w, sound

With Heaven's Gate, Ahwesh employs a strategy similar to that used in 73 Suspect Words: against a blank screen, a metronomic procession of single words unfolds, gradually building into a cool, minimal portrait of the apocalyptic paranoia that runs through the American social body. While 73...



Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley

1992, 62:40 min, color, sound


Height 100

Tony Conrad

1983, 8:31 min, color, sound

"This tape explores unusual montage strategies and unexpected manipulations of objects (props). The second half of the tape, not included here, shifts from the 'creation myth' theme to a 'vegetarianism' motif. Oddly, many people have asked me the title of this tape, even immediately after viewing...


Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Janice Tanaka

1987, 16:30 min, b&w and color, sound


Hell Frozen Over

Bernadette Corporation 

2000, 19:22 min, color, sound

Bernadette Corporation describes this work as "A fashion film about the poetry of Stéphane Mallarmé and the color white." Produced for the 2000 Walker Art Center exhibition Let's Entertain, this short film employs a range of strategies to approach the idea of nothingness, emptiness, and vacuity,...


Hello Boys

Hannah Wilke

1975, 12 min, b&w, sound


Hennessy Youngman! Live at the Laughway House!

Jayson Scott Musson

2010, 2:16 min, color, sound, HD video


Hey Bud

Julie Zando

1987, 10:36 min, b&w and color, sound


HIDEO, It's Me Mama

Mako Idemitsu

1983, 26:49 min, color, sound


High Tech Allergy

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

1995, 27 min, color, sound


His Favorite Wife Improved

Ken Jacobs

2008, 2 min, color, sound

Jacobs writes: "A thunderstorm rolls over New York, affecting - and improving - TV reception. See what I caught, presented as recorded and starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne."


His Girlfriend is a Robot

Alex Bag 

1996, 14 min, color, sound


History and Memory

Rea Tajiri

1991, 30 min, color and b&w, sound


History Lessons

Barbara Hammer

2000, 66:51 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video

In History Lessons, Hammer reclaims and rewrites lesbian history through her playful but empowering manipulation of a vast array of archival footage, from popular films to newsreels, sex ed pics, stag reels, medical and educational films, old nudies, and more.


Hit Wave

Alex Hubbard

2012, 4:25 min, color, sound


Hit Wave II

Alex Hubbard

2013, 6:02 min, color, sound

Hubbard's sound design is as carefully arranged as his visual collages. In Hit Wave II, his signature use of foley sound is foregrounded by a dynamic layering of discrete tracks of voice, music and incidental noise. The subject is a magician (Magical Ramón), who in voice-over demonstrates how he...



Ante Bozanich

1989, 11:50 min, color, sound



George Kuchar

1994, 15:38 min, color, sound


Holy Cross

Kit Fitzgerald

1985, 3:21 min, color, sound



Steina and Woody Vasulka

1973, 16:47 min, color, sound



John Reilly and Julie Gustafson

1979, 88:05 min, b&w and color, sound



Zoe Beloff and Eric Muzzy 

2022, 9:51 min, color, sound, HD video

This interview is with Fernando Lopez, chef and founder of Factory Tamal.


Home Movies

Vito Acconci 

1973, 32:19 min, b&w, sound

In this powerful "meta-document," Acconci sits in the dark with his back to a screen, onto which are projected slides of his past works, in chronological order from 1969. He describes each piece briefly. At times he turns to one side and speaks to an absent person in a conspiratorial whisper:...


Hong Kong Song

Robert Cahen in collaboration with Ermeline Le Mezo. 

1989, 21 min, color



Klaus vom Bruch

1981-98, 4:25 min, color, sound



Victor Masayesva, Jr.

1982, 14:17 min, color, sound


Horizontal Intimacy

Seoungho Cho

2010, 8:38 min, color, sound, HD video

Recorded in the chilly, indeterminate locale of airport terminals around the world, Seoungho Cho's surreptitious footage of travelers biding their time captures the ominous quietude unique to that space. The canned announcements and muttering news reports that usually fill this limbo are...


Horizontal Silence

Seoungho Cho

2003, 8:31 min, color and b&w, sound

With its stationary camera shots, tight focus, and almost uniformly black and white images, Seoungho Cho's Horizontal Silence is an experiment in minimalist limitation. A window-like aperture, created by severe digital cropping, fragments all that the lens observes, bodies and architecture...



Kristin Lucas

1997, 7:36 min, color, sound


Hot Dogs At The Met

Ken Jacobs

2009, 10:19 min, color, sound, HD video

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

Using the same stereoscopic animation technique of Jacobs' recent works Capitalism: Slavery (2006) and Nymph (2007), which he calls "a vigorous 3-D that can be seen without special...


House Poem

John Sanborn. In collaboration with Sarah Cahill. 

1992, 4 min, color, sound


How Do We Know What Home Looks Like?

Martha Rosler

1993, 31:18 min, color, sound


How Far Is There

Lawrence Weiner

1999, 17 min, color, sound


How to Curate Your Own Group Exhibition

Michael Smith

1996, 2:55 min, color, sound


How To Draw

William Wegman and Mark Magill 

1983, 5:41 min, color, sound


How To Speak (See) & What To Say (Hear)

Andrew Lampert

2006, 30:23 min, color, sound


How TV Works

Dan Sandin in collaboration with Phil Morton and Barbara Sykes. 

1977, 27:48 min, color, sound


How We Do Art Now

John Baldessari 

1973, 12:54 min, b&w, sound


How's Tricks

Lynda Benglis and Stanton Kaye 

1976, 33:45 min, color, sound



Ed Emshwiller and Morton Subotnick 

1988, 28 min, color, sound



Danièle and Jacques Louis Nyst

1985, 27:08 min, color, sound




1973, 6:31 min, b&w, sound