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Tactile Recognition of the Body


1971, 12:20 min, color, silent


Tale Enclosure

Gary Hill in collaboration with George Quasha and Charles Stein 

1985, 5:50 min, color, sound


Tales of the Twilight Typist

George Kuchar

1994, 51:05 min, color, sound


Talkin' 'bout droppin' out

Teen Vision Posse with Branda Miller. 

1989, 56:09 min, color, sound



James Byrne

1985, 6:03 min, color, sound


Tape #1 1974 (Circa.)

Cynthia Maughan

1974, 9:34 min, b&w, sound


Tape #13 1975 (Circa.)

Cynthia Maughan

1975 (circa.), 10:13 min, b&w, sound


Tape #20 1975 (Circa.)

Cynthia Maughan

1975 (Circa.), 10:12 min, b&w, sound


Tape #3 1974-1975

Cynthia Maughan

1974-1975, 9:15 min, b&w, sound


Tape #47 1976 (Circa.)

Cynthia Maughan

1976 (circa.), 22:14 min, b&w, sound


Tape #50 1977: Trailer Life

Cynthia Maughan

1977, 21:46 min, b&w, sound


Tape #54 1977-1978

Cynthia Maughan

1977-1978, 31:46 min, b&w, sound


Tape #57 1979

Cynthia Maughan

1979, 28:49 min, b&w, sound


Taste Test

Andrew Lampert

2011, 2:40 min, color, sound

A Silly Symphony at 45 rpm spliced straight from life. "Hit it and quit it" -- James Brown


Teaching a Plant the Alphabet

John Baldessari 

1972, 18:40 min, b&w, sound


Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman

Dara Birnbaum

1978-79, 5:50 min, color, sound


Teddy Tells Jokes

Tony Conrad

1980, 3:45 min, color, sound

"This exquisite single shot is a complement to Combat Status Go. Here the viewer is positioned casually, even though every other element in the film experiences a painful precision: piano, gun, wardrobe; conversation directed at (and across the bow of) the viewer; timing, direction, gaze." —Tony...



Peter d'Agostino

1981, 27:50 min, color, sound

In TeleTapes, d'Agostino continues his critique and analysis of television's influence on everyday life and culture by exploring the content and time structure of broadcast TV. Composed of three parts — TeleTricks - TV Environments; TeleGames - And Now, The News; and TelePuzzles - TV Movies —...


Television as a Creative Medium

Jud Yalkut 

1972, 6 min, color, silent, 16 mm film on video


Telling Motions

Bill Seaman

1985-86, 20:10 min, color, sound

This dreamlike, hypnotic work is structured in four sections, each of which repeats, in various permutations, key visual and verbal systems. Part One introduces the main theme — a poetic text, music, and a set of images that relate to language play in the text. The sections Key/Code, Translations an...


Temp Stop

Ryan Trecartin

2010, 11:47 min, color, sound, HD video

Temp Stop, as the title implies, has a disjunctive quality that separates it from the other parts of Re'Search Wait'S. As if emanating from the basement of Any Ever, each scene plays like a hidden-away epilogue rendering characters comparatively surreal--in part because they are often...



Frank Gillette

1984, 8:11 min, color, sound


Temple Time

Ryan Trecartin

2016, 54:32 min, color, sound, HD video


Ten Packed Minutes

Vito Acconci 

1977, 12:47 min, Audio CD

Ten Packed Minutes is an eclectic audio collage of music, text, found sounds, and excerpts from the recordings of Leon Redbone, Cow Cow Davenport, Eric Dolphy, Karl Berger, and Ornette Coleman.

Ten Packed Minutes is one of a series of newly restored early conceptual audio works by Acconci....


Ten Thousand Things

Shalom Gorewitz

1992, 11:51 min, color, sound


Tender Fictions

Barbara Hammer

1995, 60:27 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video

Hammer’s 1996 documentary Tender Fictions is the second in a trilogy of autobiographical films that includes the iconic Nitrate Kisses and History Lessons. The film was chosen for the 1996 Sundance Film Festival, for which Lisanne Skyler wrote, “[Barbara Hammer’s] struggle becomes symbolic of all...


Tension Tape


2015, 2:52 min, color, sound, HD video

A thread illuminated with neon video static pushes its way through a white sleeve, linking one arm to another. Commenting on the linkages between technology and the body—literally sewing the two together—Tension Tape can also be seen as making a reference to theories of time and...


Tenth Spectacle

Stuart Sherman

1978, 29:40 min, color, sound

Sherman may best be known for his solo Spectacle performances, which usually took the form of quick-paced interactions with everyday objects over a table top. He created and performed eighteen Spectacles in total, twelve of which he performed solo, and six with groups of collaborators. A...


Test Room Containing Multiple Stimuli Known to Elicit Curiosity and Manipulatory Responses and A Dance Incorporating Movements Derived from Experiments by Harry F. Harlow and Choreographed in the Manner of Martha Graham

Mike Kelley

1999, 59:54 min, color, silent


Test Tube

General Idea

1979, 28:15 min, color, sound

Produced by De Appel, Amsterdam, while General Idea was in residence there, Test Tube was conceived as a program for television. Presented under the brand "The Color Bar Lounge," a cocktail bar in the mythical 1984 Miss General Idea Pavilion, the program is a hybrid of popular television formats,...



Kristin Lucas

2000, 6:10 min, color, sound


That Far Away Look

Tony Conrad

1988, 23:13 min, color, sound

"By accepting and playing off of the ductility inherent in the classic viewer role, That Far Away Look imposes upon the viewer’s expectations for 'reading' and understanding images. The viewer does not decide what s/he sees, and moreover submits totally to (any) conventions that are offered to...


That poured its hot breath

Tom Kalin

1996, 2 min, b&w and color, sound


That's Wassup

Kalup Linzy

2007, 2:06 min, color, sound

That's Wassup is Linzy's "dance mix." Using simple animation techniques and GarageBand beats to reflect club culture rudiments, Linzy populates his music video with dancing figures and floating placards announcing "Tipsy Cups 4-Sale." States Linzy, "That [link with club culture] started for me in...


The Day Was a Scorcher

Ken Jacobs

2009, 7:47 min, color, silent, HD video

A 3-D vacation album, The Day Was a Scorcher pictures what Jacobs describes as "movie-star Flo, Nisi the thoughtful young girl, and Aza old enough to trudge with the rest of us, but still expecting to be pushed around on wheels," frolicking in a sun-drenched Rome in the 1970s. Explains Jacobs,...


The "Gray Area" Series: Program 1

Phyllis Baldino

1993, 26:33 min, color, sound

Writes Baldino: "Initially inspired by the theories behind 'Fuzzy Logic,' this series reveals that opposites can be the same. Something is what it is and what it is not, simultaneously... All of the work is shot in the first take, without editing."

In these witty performance pieces, Baldino...


The "Gray Area" Series: Program 2 - 60s Dress/Object

Phyllis Baldino 

1993, 25:55 min, color, sound

Writes Baldino: "Initially inspired by the theories behind 'Fuzzy Logic,' this series reveals that opposites can be the same. Something is what it is and what it is not, simultaneously... All of the work is shot in the first take, without editing."

In these witty performance pieces, the...


The "Gray Area" Series: Program 3

Phyllis Baldino

1993, 26:42 min, color, sound

Writes Baldino: "Initially inspired by the theories behind 'Fuzzy Logic,' this series reveals that opposites can be the same. Something is what it is and what it is not, simultaneously... All of the work is shot in the first take, without editing."

In these witty performance pieces, Baldino...


The "Gray Area" Series: Program 4

Phyllis Baldino

1994, 23 min, color, sound

Writes Baldino: "Initially inspired by the theories behind 'Fuzzy Logic,' this series reveals that opposites can be the same. Something is what it is and what it is not, simultaneously... All of the work is shot in the first take, without editing."

In these witty performance pieces, Baldino...


The "Gray Area" Series: Program 5

Phyllis Baldino

1994, 23:25 min, color, sound

Writes Baldino: "Initially inspired by the theories behind 'Fuzzy Logic,' this series reveals that opposites can be the same. Something is what it is and what it is not, simultaneously... All of the work is shot in the first take, without editing."

In these performance pieces, Baldino...


The A Ha! Experience

Julie Zando

1988, 4:32 min, color, sound


The Adventures of a Nurse (Parts I and II)

Eleanor Antin 

1976, 65 min, color, sound


The African Lady, or Love with a Fatal Outcome

Alexander Kluge

1988, 25 min, color, sound, German with English subtitles.


The Allure of the Concentric: Installation Documentation

Rita Myers

1985, 9:42 min, color, sound


The Amarillo News Tapes

Doug Hall, Chip Lord, and Jody Procter.

1980, 25:52 min, color, sound


The Amazing Bow Wow

Lynda Benglis and Stanton Kaye 

1976, 32 min, color, sound

The Amazing Bow Wow tells the tragic tale of a hermaphroditic dog, reduced to performing as a tent-show freak. Problems begin when Bow Wow's owners, small-time carnival impresarios Babu (Stanton Kaye) and Rexina (Lynda Benglis), discover that their dog can not only talk, but is also highly...


The American Gift

Vito Acconci 

1976, 42:36 min, Audio CD

Alternating between an English lesson, in which a French-speaking man and woman translate English phrases, and short "samples" of what Acconci calls "the voice of America" — movie soundtracks, Creole singers, honky-tonk piano — The American Gift investigates the problematics of translation and...


The Angel of Mercy

Eleanor Antin 

1977-81, 64 min, color, sound

First performed live in 1977, this the only one of Antin's live performances to be prepared for video. "Eleanor Nightingale" leaves the silken prison of her Victorian home and goes off to war. In the Crimea she engages with the political issues raised by class and sex inequities, military...


The Apparent Trap

Julie Zando

1999, 20 min, b&w and color, sound

Taking up the popular 1960's movie "The Parent Trap," in which two girls at summer camp discover they are long-lost twins and set about mending their parents' marriage, Zando turns Hollywood images against themselves to investigate submerged issues of sexuality and subjectivity. Mixing scenes...


The Aroma of Enchantment

Chip Lord

1992, 55:02 min, color, sound


The Artist's Mind

Alex Bag 

1996, 31 min, color, sound

In commemoration of Damien Hirst's 1995 Turner Prize, Bag made The Artist's Mind, which takes the form of a PBS-style show chronicling a day in the life of a contemporary visual artist. In this episode, aspiring sculptor/painter "Damien Bag" demonstrates his creative process, which begins with...


The B.C. Corporate Story

Bernadette Corporation 

1996, 7 min, color, sound

This video examines the sorts of propaganda that a corporation might distribute internally to communicate an over-arching mandate or vision to its workers in order to boost morale. Bernadette Corporation slyly turns the notion inside out, yielding a document that at once subverts and expresses...


The Ballerina and the Bum

Eleanor Antin 

1974, 53 min, b&w, sound

The artist's ballerina self, represented here as a "would-be ballerina from the sticks," plans to walk across the United States to "make it in the Big City." She meets a bum on a freight train and together they dream of success.


The Banana Man

Mike Kelley

1983, 28:15 min, color, sound


The Baptism

Barbara Hammer

1968, 9:21 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on HD video


The Big Sleep

Seoungho Cho

1992, 8 min, color, sound


The Big Wheel

Chris Burden. In collaboration with Willoughby Sharp and Robert Burden. 

1980, 29:02 min, color, sound


The Birth of a Candy Bar

I-Eye-I Video Workshop with Branda Miller at the Henry Street Settlement. 

1988, 29:56 min, color, sound


The Blackest Sea

Peggy Ahwesh

2016, 9:30 min, color, sound, HD video

Collaging appropriated CGI-animated clips from the Taiwanese news outlet TomoNews, The Blackest Sea juxtaposes the sky and sea as primordial phenomena against the anxious, bureaucratic features of modern human life. Hundreds of fish die and float to the top of the ocean due to pollution and...


The Body Shop

Kit Fitzgerald

1991, 30 min, color, sound


The Book of Love

Tony Cokes

1992, 59:37 min, color, sound

Writes Cokes: "In 1984 I conceived of the idea of producing a documentary that framed its own devices. I was interested in how a woman, specifically a Black woman, would speak in a television context." In The Book of Love, Cokes' mother recounts her life through interview, stories, and song,...


The Border, The Ship

Alex Hubbard

2011, 9:30 min, color, sound


The Boxer's Puzzle

Bill Seaman

1987, 6:23 min, color, sound


The Bus Stops Here

Julie Zando and Jo Anstey 

1990, 27 min, b&w and color, sound


The Chocolate Cello

Jud Yalkut 

1973, 30 min, b&w, sound

Yalkut documents the "chocolating" of Charlotte Moorman at the Clocktower in New York City on Easter Sunday, 1973. This project was based on a concept by artist Jim McWilliams, who devised other performance events for Moorman, including the Flying Cello.


The Collaborators: Cage, Cunningham & Rauschenberg

Merce Cunningham, KETC Public Television

1987, 56:04 min, color, sound

This documentary is in two parts, with the second part, Coast Zone, available separately. The first part of the program features a revealing and informal discussion between Cunningham and his longtime collaborators, composer and musician John Cage and artist Robert Rauschenberg. Their lively...


The Color of Love

Peggy Ahwesh 

1994, 10 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video

Ahwesh subjects an apparently found pornographic film to coloring, optical printing and general fragmentation; the source material threatens to virtually collapse under the beautiful violence of her filmic treatment. What emerges is a portrait at once nostalgic and horrible: the degraded image,...


The Commission

Woody Vasulka

1983, 44:55 min, color, sound


The Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society and its circle: Dream Films 1926-1972

Edited by Zoe Beloff, with essays by Aaron Beebe, Zoe Beloff, Amy Herzog and Norman Klein 

2009, 39:46 min, color, sound

Accompanying Beloff's year-long exhibition at the Coney Island Museum in Brooklyn, this 128-page book traces the impact of Sigmund Freud's 1909 visit to Coney Island's Dreamland amusement park, and the activities of a little-known group—the Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society—that was...


The Continuing Story of Carel and Ferd

Arthur Ginsberg with Video Free America 

1970-75, 58:35 min, b&w and color, sound


The Creeping Crimson

George Kuchar

1987, 12:50 min, color, sound


The Day Before the Moon Landing

Aldo Tambellini

1969, 47:08 min, b&w, sound


The Days of the Commune

Zoe Beloff

2012, 154:59 min, color, sound

In The Days of the Commune, Beloff reimagines Bertolt Brecht's 1949 play on the rise and fall of the 1871 Paris Commune as a response to the Occupy Wall Street movement, which began in the fall of 2011 in New York City's Zuccotti Park. Influenced by Brecht's anti-illusionist theater, which aimed...


The Deadman

Peggy Ahwesh & Keith Sanborn 

1989, 35:56 min, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video

Made in collaboration with Keith Sanborn, The Deadman is based on a story by Bataille, charting "the adventures of a near-naked heroine who sets in motion a scabrous free-from orgy before returning to the house to die — a combination of elegance, raunchy defilement and barbaric splendor." —...


The Diary of Mr. N: 1938-1967 (Private Hungary 4)

Péter Forgács

1990, 51 min, color, sound


The Doctor's Dream

Ken Jacobs

1977, 24 min, b&w, sound


The Dogs

Burt Barr 

1989, 17:21 min, color, sound


The Double

Ken Feingold

1984, 29 min, color, sound


The Duality of Nature


1986, 2:07 min, color, sound


The East Is Red, The West Is Bending

Martha Rosler

1977, 20:25 min, color, sound


The Edge of Life

Maxi Cohen

1984, 19:07 min, color, sound


The Eiffel Tower, King Kong, and the White Woman

Alexander Kluge

1988, 25 min, b&w and color, sound, German with English subtitles.


The Electronic Super Highway: Nam June Paik in the Nineties

Jud Yalkut

1995, 40 min, color, sound


The Elevator

Burt Barr 

1985, 5:10 min, color, sound


The Emperor Jones

The Wooster Group

2001, 38:15 min, color, sound

The Emperor Jones is a brave interpretation of Eugene O'Neill's play concerning the power structures of colonialism and slavery. With thoughtful use of the video medium, the work confronts not only the highly contentious elements of the play, but also the boundaries between theater and video...


The Eternal Frame

T.R. Uthco and Ant Farm: Doug Hall, Chip Lord, Doug Michels, Jody Procter

1975, 23:50 min, b&w and color, sound

The Eternal Frame is an examination of the role that the media plays in the creation of (post)modern historical myths. For T.R. Uthco and Ant Farm, the iconic event that signified the ultimate collusion of historical spectacle and media image was the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963....


The Exiled Files of Eddie Gray

George Kuchar

1997, 46 min, color, sound


The Eyes Scream: A History of the Residents

John Sanborn

1990, 48:45 min, color, sound


The Fall of the House of Yasmin

George Kuchar

1990, 52:45 min, color, sound

Created with his students at the San Francisco Art Institute, this tape marks a departure from Kuchar's diaries in its use of post-production technology, but retains their irreverent humor and improvisational feel. A camp send-up of Gothic literature and television soap opera, The Fall of the...


The Falling Sky

Peggy Ahwesh

2017, 9:30 min, color, sound, HD video


The Father Tapes

Don Hallock 

1972, 37:45 min, color, silent


The Feeling of Power

Robert Beck 

1990, 9 min, color, sound

The Feeling of Power documents a 1989 ACT-UP protest at Trump Tower, offering a self-reflexive manifesto of video activism that brings the ‘70s "guerrilla television" movement into the age of the camcorder.


The Felines of Castle Frauline

George Kuchar

1994, 10 min, color, sound


The Female Closet

Barbara Hammer

1998, 59:03 min, color, sound

The Female Closet is an hourlong documentary that uses archival photographs, home movies, interviews, and other visual materials to explore the closeted lesbian histories of artists Alice Austen, Hannah Höch and Nicole Eisenman. Utilizing groundbreaking research, newly discovered home movies, and...


The First Cat Obstacle Course, New Jersey

Trevor Shimizu

2005, 12:00 min, b&w, sound


The Fold

Leslie Thornton

2013, 2:12 min, b&w, sound, HD video


The Fragments Project

Peggy Ahwesh 

1985-1995, 50 min, color, sound, Super 8mm film on video

The Fragments Project is personal filmmaking at its most immediate — documents of people in the filmmaker's life. Each "fragment" demands the viewer's involvement on multiple levels. Ahwesh's project becomes a fascinating report on our times and an investigation into the uses of film.


The Galactic Pot Healer

Shana Moulton

2010, 8:32 min, color, sound


The Gangster Sister From Chicago Visits New York (A Family Piece)

Vito Acconci 

1977, 7:50 min, Audio CD

Originally installed in a makeshift "house" painted red, white, and blue, this provocative audio piece features Acconci addressing imaginary characters — Mama, Daddy, Big Brother, Sister, and Jesus — in a singular take on the American family.

The Gangster Sister From Chicago Visits New York (A...


The Gap

Jaime Davidovich

1982-83, 15:50 min, color, sound

Created for the Long Beach Museum of Art and aired as an episode of The Live! Show, this evening-news-style "special" finds Davidovich field-reporting on the status of video art in Long Beach, California. Davidovich visits the Museum and a local shopping mall to poll strangers of all stripes and...


The Garden Spot of the World: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in Traffic, Transit and Flow

Martha Rosler

1993, 19:27 min, color, sound


The Georgetown Loop

Ken Jacobs

1996, 11 min, b&w, silent

First screened as part of Jacobs' "Nervous System" film performance, The Georgetown Loop is based on an archival film from 1903, which Jacobs pairs with its mirror double to produce a kaleidoscopic two-screen projection. The original film depicts a journey shot from the cab of a train passing...


The Golden Mean: Charlemagne Palestine

Andrew Lampert

2010, 66:09 min, color, sound

"In 2006 legendary composer/performer and raconteur Charlemagne Palestine appeared in Boston for the first time in over 30 years. On a stage festooned with teddy bears he told tales about Morton Feldman, imbibed cognac and simultaneously performed on two Steinway pianos. Andrew Lampert and Saul...


The Good Times Are Killing Me


1975, 57:50 min, b&w and color, sound


The Great Goddess

Barbara Hammer

1977, 22:16, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on HD video


The Green Wave

Ken Jacobs

2011, 5:31 min, color, silent


The Hamburger Presets

Michael Bell-Smith

2011, 7:55 min, color, sound, HD video

Made the same year as Digital Fireplace Upside Down, The Hamburger Presets also plays with the familiar visuals of advertising. Here, Bell-Smith takes a slowly rotating, panning shot of a hamburger and, through repetition, extends it to the absurd length of nearly eight minutes. Each repeated...



Zoe Beloff and Eric Muzzy 

2022, 5:00 min, color, sound, HD video

This interview is with John Agro, Superintendent of the Red Hook Container Terminals.


The History of the World According to a Lesbian

Barbara Hammer 

1988, 16:22 min, color, sound


The Hitchcock Trilogy: Vertigo, Psycho, Torn Curtain

Rea Tajiri

1987, 13:16 min, color, sound


The Hollow Coin

Frank Heath

2016, 12:25 min, color, sound, HD video

The Hollow Coin explores roles of authority in public space and the intersection of personal and historical narratives. The video combines documentary footage of New York City’s rapidly disappearing network of payphones with audio of a covertly recorded telephone exchange between an actor and an...


The Hollywood Film

John Baldessari 

1 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

Flat discs (possibly Cracker Jack prizes) are tilted in the artist's hands, each revealing a mirrored surface and the face of a beautiful woman. In this absurd demonstration of "cinema," Baldessari reduces movie magic to its barest elements: actresses and lighting.


The Houses That Are Left

Shelly Silver

1991, 51 min, b&w and color, sound


The Houses That Are Left (Trailer)

Shelly Silver

1989, 6:42 min, b&w and color, sound


The Ideal Na(rra)tion

Yau Ching

1993, 3:40 min, color, sound


The In-Between


1990, 11:41 min, b&w and color, sound


The Inmate

George Kuchar

1997, 16:02 min, color, sound


The Irish Tapes

John Reilly and Stefan Moore

1975, 57:23 min, b&w, sound


The Island with Striped Sky

Seoungho Cho in collaboration with Sang Wook Cho 

1993, 10 min, color, sound


The Italian Tape

John Baldessari 

1974, 8:33 min, b&w, sound


The Janice Tapes

Cheryl Donegan

2000, 8:16 min, color, sound

The artist writes: "These works form a capstone to concerns that have been in my work since I began to make video — the artist's studio as theatre, the self-conscious/self-reflexive gesture that unites performance and painting, creation unraveled. The space for painting/performance is very...


The Janitor

Tony Labat

1996, 58:13 min, color, sound


The Judson Church Horse Dance

Mike Kelley

2010, 70:27 min, color, sound, HD video

An evening of performance and music by Mike Kelley presented at the Judson Memorial Church in New York City in 2009. Including: The Judson Church Horse Dance and the Horse Dance of The False Virgin, and live performances of instrumental soundtrack music from Kelley's Day is Done, composed in...


The King

Eleanor Antin 

1972, 52 min, b&w, silent

Writes Antin: "Applying hair to her face, the artist moves through a variety of bearded faces seeking the identity most appropriate to her facial structure and satisfying to her aspirations." Antin transforms herself into a man and adopts one of her recurring performance personae, "The King."


The Kitchen Promo Tape: 1974-75

The Kitchen 

1974-75, 19 min, b&w, sound

This historical compilation was produced in 1975 by The Kitchen to document and present examples of its video, music, dance and performance art programs. The resulting compendium of multidisciplinary art works supported and exhibited at the Kitchen in its early years offers a window onto the...


The Last Time I Saw Ron

Leslie Thornton

1994, 12 min, color and b&w, sound

Arising out of a film and theatrical collaboration with the late Ron Vawter, this moving elegy to his memory employs footage of Vawter taken just before his death, as well as starkly beautiful sequences of distant human forms.


The Last Tourist

Shalom Gorewitz

1994, 6 min, color, sound


The Last Videotapes of Marcel Duchamp

John Sanborn

1976, 32:03 min, b&w and color, sound

In 1976, The Kitchen in New York announced a program of rare videotapes by Marcel Duchamp. These crude, shaky documents of Duchamp's Greenwich Village neighborhood were actually an elaborate performance piece, conceived and executed by Sanborn. Participants and co-conspirators Hannah Wilke, Shigeko...


The Laughing Alligator

Juan Downey

1979, 27 min, b&w and color, sound


The Legend of Leigh Bowery

Charles Atlas

2002, 82:25 min, color, sound

In this documentary feature, Charles Atlas examines the legend and the life of his friend and collaborator – artist, performer, fashion designer, model, and club promoter and icon Leigh Bowery. In a remarkable and brief period before his early death from AIDS-related illness in 1994, Bowery made...


The Limousine Project

Muntadas. In collaboration with Toni Serra. 

1991, 6:30 min, color, sound


The Little Match Girl Ballet

Eleanor Antin 

1975, 26:30 min, color, sound

The artist's Ballerina Self, now in the city, has "made it!" Dressed in a tutu, Antin regales an utterly silent gallery audience with her strategy for conquering New York, meeting George Ballanchine in Sardi's and becoming prima ballerina of the company. The climax of the routine is a...


The Live! Show (April 29, 1983)

Jaime Davidovich

1983, 27 min, color, sound

Davidovich produced The Live! Show on Manhattan Cable Television's leased access Channel J from 1979 to 1984. The program featured performances by and interviews with art world personalities, live phone-ins and a home-shopping segment. In this typical episode, cablecast on April 29, 1983,...


The Live! Show (February 18, 1983)

Jaime Davidovich

1983, 29 min, color, sound

Davidovich produced The Live! Show on Manhattan Cable Television's leased access Channel J from 1979 to 1984. The program featured performances by and interviews with art world personalities, live phone-ins and a home-shopping segment. In this episode, aired February 18, 1983, Davidovich's...


The Live! Show (January 21, 1983)

Jaime Davidovich

1983, 22:27 min, color, sound

Davidovich produced The Live! Show on Manhattan Cable Television's leased access Channel J from 1979 to 1984. The program featured performances by and interviews with art world personalities, live phone-ins and a home-shopping segment. In this episode, cablecast on January 21, 1983, Davidovich's...


The Live! Show (January 28, 1983)

Jaime Davidovich

1983, 29:07 min, color, sound

Davidovich produced The Live! Show on Manhattan Cable Television's leased access Channel J from 1979 to 1984. The program featured performances by and interviews with art world personalities, live phone-ins and a home-shopping segment. This episode, cablecast January 28, 1983, features...


The Live! Show Promo

Jaime Davidovich

1982, 5:32 min, color, sound

This promo for Davidovich's legendary cable access program (which aired on Manhattan Cable Television from 1979 to 1984) illustrates and enumerates the show's highlights with clips and the voice-over rhetoric of a TV sales pitch, imploring viewers to "turn off commercial television and turn on The L...


The Loner

Tony Oursler

1980, 29:56 min, color, sound


The Long Winter: Phil Kline

John Sanborn

2013, 13:11 min, color, sound

The depth of sorrow, loss and redemption in Phil Kline's contribution to "A Sweeter Music" is the closest to the nerve endings that make us human of all the works. In response I included very personal images that if I lost -- would devastate me and leave me bereft of life. I ordered them so that...


The Looking Glass

Juan Downey

1981, 28:49 min, color, sound


The Lord of the Universe


1974, 58:27 min, b&w and color, sound


The Lucy Amarillo Stories

Constance DeJong 

1977, 40 min, b&w, sound

Constance DeJong's writing is closely connected to performance. Since 1977 she has made oral adaptations of her experimental texts and performed them to audiences throughout the U.S. and Europe. At this event at the Kitchen, DeJong reads The Lucy Amarillo Stories, while a musician performs a...


The Making of Amarillo Ramp

Nancy Holt

1973-2013, 31:52 min, color, sound

The Making of Amarillo Ramp is Nancy Holt's final film. The piece documents Holt, Richard Serra and Tony Shafrazi as they complete Robert Smithson's unfinished earthwork, Amarillo Ramp, in the months following his death in 1973. The 1973 still photography and video footage, which documents their...


The Making of Eigenwelt


1993, 16 min, color, sound


The Making of Super Mario Clouds

Cory Arcangel 

2004, 76:00 min, color, silent

In the first part of this work, Arcangel silently documents the real-time construction of his video game cartridge piece, Super Mario Clouds, in which he hacked a "Mario Brothers" cartridge, erasing everything but the blue sky and clouds. The Making of..., which Arcangel calls "a documentary on...


The Marriage of YASUSHI

Mako Idemitsu

1986, 23:20 min, color, sound


The Maui Cycle

Frank Gillette

1976, 45:40 min, color, sound, three-channel installation


The Meaning of Various News Photos to Ed Henderson

John Baldessari 

1973, 15 min, b&w, sound


The Medium is the Medium


1969, 20:39 min, color, sound

Produced by WGBH-TV in Boston, the Medium is the Medium is one of the earliest and most prescient examples of the collaboration between public television and the emerging field of video art in the United States. WGBH commissioned six visual artists — Allan Kaprow, Nam June Paik, Otto Piene, James...


The Memorial Screening

Robert Beck 

2000, 11 min, b&w, sound


The Migration of the Blubberoids

George Kuchar

1989, 10:47 min, color, sound


The Misfits - 30 Years of Fluxus

Lars Movin 

1993, 80 min, color, sound

This documentary is an unconventional video portrait of the Fluxus movement, an international group of artists who since the early 1960s have challenged and disrupted our ideas of what art can be. The tape was produced largely in Venice at the 1990 reunion, when many of the original Fluxus...


The Morrissey Problem

Tony Cokes 

2019, 9:25 min, color, sound, HD video


The Motherland

Juan Downey

1986, 7:04 min, color, sound


The MUSCO Story: 1969-1997

Michael Smith and Joshua White

1997, 5:44 min, color, sound


The Myth of Modern Dance

Charles Atlas 

1990, 26:06 min, color, sound

Collaborating with choreographer Douglas Dunn, Atlas uses anthropological text, satirical movement, and vividly colored chroma-keyed backgrounds in an episodic, often humorous look at the evolution of modern dance.


The New Urban Landscape Exhibition


1989, 20:08 min, color, sound


The Nurse and the Hijackers

Eleanor Antin 

1977, 75 min, color, sound

Antin employs the structure of a popular movie genre as an armature for her continuing theater of ideas in this feature-length, narrative videotape. Using hand-painted dolls, who display more than a coincidental resemblance to figures in the art world, Antin recounts the hijacking of "Nurse...


The Pakistan Tapes/Achha

Sigrid Hackenberg

1991, 167 min, color, sound


The Paranoid Phase of Nautical Twilight I-III

Alex Hubbard

2009, 9:41 min, color, sound


The Passing

Bill Viola

1991, 54:22 min, b&w, sound


The Peace Tape

Jacob Ciocci

2008, 4 min, color, sound


The Philippines: Life, Death and Revolution

Jon Alpert 

1986, 32:21 min, color, sound


The Pink of Stealth

Mendi + Keith Obadike


The Pink of Stealth is an interactive Web and DVD project that explores the relationship of language, color, and class. Here the vernacular of foxhunting and the color pink become spring boards for a multi-textual investigation of ideas around race, wealth, gender, culture, and sexuality. View...


The Planets

John Sanborn

2011, 76 min, color, sound

Writes Sanborn, "The Planets is an epic, 77-minute video feature commissioned by the new music ensemble Relâche. The score took composer Kyle Gann twelve years to complete and became a multi-media immersion into the myths and mystery of the planets when Relâche commissioned video artist and...


The Plucking of the Succulents

George Kuchar

1989, 5:22 min, color, sound


The Politics of Intimacy

Julie Gustafson

1972, 52:23 min, b&w, sound


The potluck and the passion

Cheryl Dunye

1993, 16:58 min, color, sound


The Problem So Far

Leslie Thornton

1996, 7 min, b&w, sound

Peggy and Fred in Hell, Thornton's ongoing and open-ended video series, maps a surreal, quasi-apocalyptic realm littered with the detritus of a pop culture bursting at the seams. Castaways in this wilderness of signs, Peggy and Fred are, as Thornton states, "raised by television," their...


The Pursuit of Happiness

John Reilly and Julie Gustafson

1983, 58:45 min, color, sound


The Queen is Dead ... Fragment 1

Tony Cokes 

2019, 17 min, color, sound, HD video


The Queen is Dead ... Fragment 2

Tony Cokes 

2019, 15 min, color, sound, HD video


The Rays

Raindance (Frank Gillette, Paul Ryan and Michael Shamberg) with Allen Rucker and John French. 

1970, 23:08 min, b&w, sound


The Re'Search

Ryan Trecartin

2010, 40:09 min, color, sound, HD video

The Re'Search is a tween-aged microcosm of Any Ever. The movie is actual market research collected by Wait for Y-Ready. It doubles as the site of Wait's vacation, as well as echoed versions of scenarios from other sections of Any Ever from which characters either reappear or are replicated here...


The Red Tapes

Vito Acconci 

1977, 141:27 min, b&w, sound

The Red Tapes is Acconci's masterwork, a three-part epic that is one of the major works in video. Designed originally for video projection, the work is structured to merge video space—the close-up—with filmic space—the landscape. Acconci maps a topography of the self within a cultural and social...


The Reflecting Pool – Collected Work 1977-80

Bill Viola

1977-80, 62 min, color, sound

Viola describes The Reflecting Pool as "a collection of five independent works which, taken as a whole, describe the stages of a personal journey using images of transition — from day to night, motion to stillness, time to timelessness, etc. Each work explores specific video techniques and...


The Return of the Motherland

Juan Downey

1989, 27:10 min, color, sound


The Robots of Sodom

Tom Kalin

2002, 2:45 min, color, sound

In a series of short pieces drawn from his ongoing feature film project Behold Goliath, Kalin further develops the method of on-screen, appropriated, literary texts that he employed in Third Known Nest. The title of the series is a reference to the stories of writer and critic Alfred Chester...


The Rolling Stones Free Concert, 1969

Ira Schneider

2002, 18:55 min, b&w, sound


The Roses

Ken Jacobs

2011, 4:37, color, sound


The Scary Movie

Peggy Ahwesh 

1993, 8:16 min, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video

Ahwesh's two young actresses, Martina and Sonja, cross-dress in vampire capes and werewolf claws, re-enacting familiar horror tropes. A roughly corresponding soundtrack of stock screams and "scary" music suggests that the girls' toying with gender roles and power dynamics may have dire...


The Scenic Route

Ken Jacobs

2008, 25 min, color and b&w, sound

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

"One of the nice things about movies was you could keep them at a distance. Movies knew their place. We were dimensional, they were flat, so it was easy to know which was which....


The Seduction of Tondelayo

Klaus vom Bruch

1983-1998, 6:42 min, color, sound

An exercise in montage, The Seduction of Tondelayo is composed of two simple images. The first is a bomber jet in takeoff. The second is close-up of Heddy Lamarr from White Cargo, a 1942 MGM film about an illicit affair in the Congo between a British businessman and a "savage beauty" named...


The Shame of Lela La Suere

George Kuchar

1992, 43:52 min, color, sound


The Smallest Particle

Ken Feingold

1987, 7:53 min, color, sound


The Space Between the Teeth

Bill Viola

1976, 9:10 min, color, sound

The Space Between the Teeth is based on the structure of acoustic phenomena and the psychological dynamics of a man screaming at the end of a long dark corridor. With each successive scream, the camera point of view hurtles at high velocity along the length of the hallway in decreasing...


The Space Program

Robert Beck 

1986, 504 min, color, sound

The Space Program, a catalytic work for Beck/Buck, undertaken before he participated in the Whitney ISP Program in 1993 and emerged on the visual art scene in the 90s, should be considered alongside such artistic television interventions as Gerry Schum’s TV Gallery and Alex Bag’s Cash from Chaos...


The Speech

Doug Hall

1982, 3:34 min, color, sound


The Star Eaters

Peggy Ahwesh 

2003, 24 min, color, sound

Set against a backdrop of Atlantic City's seedy casinos and dreary off-season hotels, The Star Eaters is a melancholy, non-linear portrait of a woman as she attempts to trace her memories and make sense of her life amidst the faded glamour of the seaside resort. Telling her story in voiceover,...


The Strange Music of Nam June Paik

Camera Three

1975, 27 min, color, sound

This historical document locates Nam June Paik's artistic origins as a composer, tracing his studies at the Conservatory for Music in Freiburg, his work with Karlheinz Stockhausen in Cologne, and the influence of the art and ideas of John Cage on his work. In a humorous performance, Paik...



Zoe Beloff and Eric Muzzy 

2022, 7:47 min, color, sound, HD video

This interview is with Sean Heron, deck hand at New York City Ferry.


The Surging Sea of Humanity

Ken Jacobs

2006, 10:41 min, color, silent

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

Ken Jacobs writes: "Stereograph of the crowd at the opening of the US Centennial Exposition of 1893. It turns into a movie. Into an enormous rugged and craggy 3-D landscape.......


The Tee Pee Video Space Troupe: The First Years

Shirley Clarke 

1970-71, 16:15 min, b&w, sound

This video journal is an informal time capsule of the downtown cultural and artistic milieu in New York. Part 1 documents a party given by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Clarke is an active voice behind the camera as she records this celebrity-rich event, with guests including Andy Warhol and Jack...


The Thinker

Max Almy 

1989, 6 min, color, sound

In The Thinker, Almy satirically envisions the evolution of human intellectual thought—from ape to yuppie—as a television event, with an emcee providing the play-by-play commentary of a sportscaster. Classical, Medieval and Renaissance theories flash by as catch-phrases. When this accelerated...


The Third Body

Peggy Ahwesh 

2007, 8:40 min, color, sound

An appropriated film, portraying the arrival of Adam and Eve to an exotic Eden, is intercut with appropriated videos of virtual reality demonstrations, among them a human hand shadowed by a computer-generated rendering, medical robots conducting a virtual surgery, and people dressed in bulky...


The Tower of the Astro-Cyclops

George Kuchar

1994, 17:37 min, color, sound


The Tramp's New World

Zoe Beloff 

2021, 62 minutes, Color, HD video, English

Laura Mulvey writes: “Beloff’s latest film is a meditation on, and a visualization of, the scenario that James Agee wrote in 1948 for his lifelong hero, Charlie Chaplin. The film interweaves two cinematic spheres. In one, Agee, dramatized by an actor, conjures up and imagines his ideas for the...


The Trial of the AVCO Plowshares

John Reilly and Julie Gustafson

1986, 75 min, color, sound


The Trophy

Robert Beck 

1998, 4 min, color, sound


The Trouble I've Seen

Philip Mallory Jones

1976, 10 min, color, sound


The Tunnel: How to Get From One Place to Another

Shalom Gorewitz

2013, 10 min, color, sound, French with English subtitles.


The TV Commercials 1973-1977

Chris Burden

1973-77/2000, 3:46 min, color, sound

The TV Commercials is a recent compilation of Burden's four legendary television interventions, which date from 1973 to 1977. For each of these conceptual projects, Burden purchased commercial time on broadcast television and aired his own subversive "ads." Included are TV Ad: Through the Night...


The Unknown Series (excerpts)

Phyllis Baldino

1994-96, 23:58 min, color, sound


The Van

Alex Bag 

2001, 12:55 min, color, sound

Originally projected in the interior of a customized Dodge at the 2001 Armory Show in New York, The Van features Bag as three young female artists riding in the back of a van, en route to the Armory Show. Their gallerist Leroy, dressed as a pimp, is the driver of the van; he promises them major...


The Video Artist: Dan Sandin

Dan Sandin 

1982, 14:47 min, color, sound


The Video Griots Trilogy

Ulysses Jenkins

1989-91, 36:20 min, color, sound


The Vision Machine

Peggy Ahwesh 

1997, 20 min, b&w and color, sound, 16 mm film on video

Here Ahwesh's heterogeneous textual approach comes to the fore, as she juxtaposes narrative, faux documentary, comedic and "serious" footage, and merges film, video, and Pixelvision. Suggestions and meanings accumulate: austere, theoretical text is interrupted by shots of women relating bawdy...


The Walk Series

Peter d'Agostino

1973-74, 61:16 min, b&w, sound


The Walk Series: beach walk

Peter d'Agostino

1973-1974, 14 min, b&w, sound

In this early, performance-based work, d'Agostino experiments with perceptions of landscape, time and point of view. The Walk Series documents three different "walks" (on a roof, a fence and a beach) that the artist took in the San Francisco area, while recording with a hand-held camera. These...


The Wall

Gordon Matta-Clark

1976-2007, 15:04 min, color, sound, 16 mm film and video

This newly assembled work is a rare document of a 1976 Matta-Clark performance in Berlin. The piece begins with the following statement: "In 1976, as part of the Akademie der Kunst and Berliner Festwochen exhibition 'Soho in Berlin,' Gordon Matta-Clark went to Germany with the intention of...


The Water Catalogue

Bill Seaman

1984, 27:30 min, color, sound


The Way We Do Art Now and Other Sacred Tales

John Baldessari 

1973, 28:28 min, b&w, sound


The Weak Bullet

Tony Oursler

1980, 12:41 min, color, sound


The West


1998, 28:25 min, color, sound


The Whirled

Ken Jacobs

2007, 20:27 min, color, sound


The Whole World is Watching - Weatherman '69

Raymond Pettibon

1989, 122 min, color, sound


The Will & The Way ... Fragment 1

Tony Cokes 

2019, 14 min, color, sound, HD video


The Will & The Way ... Fragment 2

Tony Cokes 

2019, 15 min, color, sound, HD video


The Woman Next Door

Burt Barr 

1984, 19:10 min, color, sound


The Workshop of the Film Form (1970-1977)

Kazimierz Bendkowski, Wojciech Bruszewski, Pawel Kwiek, Józef Robakowski, and Ryszard Wasko 

1970-74, 60 min, color and b&w, sound, DVD

Founded by graduates of Lódz Film School in 1970, the Workshop of the Film Form helped define the moving image avant-garde in Poland in the 1970s. The Workshop was a pioneering and highly influential collective that promoted analytical experimentation in all of their multidisciplinary practices....


The World of Photography

Michael Smith and William Wegman

1986, 24:35 min, color, sound


The World's Largest TV Studio


1972, 59:04 min, b&w, sound


Theme Song

Vito Acconci 

1973, 33:15 min, b&w, sound

In Theme Song, Acconci uses video as close-up to establish a perversely intimate relation with the viewer, creating a personal space in which to talk directly to (and manipulate) the spectator. He is face to face with the viewer, his head close against the video screen, lying cozily on the floor....


Theological Christian

Dan Asher 

1997, 8 min, color, sound


There is a Field: Jerome Kitzke

John Sanborn

2009, 09:26, color, sound

Writes Sanborn, "The basis of this project was to ask composers to address war and peace—that interpretation frames each work. Composer Jerome Kitzke chose two poets, Walt Whitman and Rumi, to voice 'There is a Field,' making me ask, 'How does an artist interpret such moral themes?'...


There Is Nothing Underneath the West Virginia Wing

Frank Heath

2018, 16:37 min, color, sound, HD video

There Is Nothing Underneath the West Virginia Wing takes us to the Project Greek Island bunker – a vast and elaborate underground bomb shelter that was designed to house members of Congress in the aftermath of a nuclear attack. Now declassified and open for public tours, the bunker was covertly...


There Was an Unseen Cloud Moving

Leslie Thornton

1988, 61:17 min, b&w and color, sound

There was an Unseen Cloud Moving is part documentary, part personal meditation. The piece is the first in a series of Thornton's projects that focus on the life and work of Isabelle Eberhardt, an explorer who died in 1904 in Algeria while traveling in the Maghreb disguised as a man, and who...


There's Always One At Every Party (English)

Cory Arcangel 

2010, 9:13 min, color, sound

Seinfeld super-cut of all scenes dealing with Kramer's coffee table book about coffee tables.


Thérèsa Plane

Jacques Louis Nyst 

1983, 13:47 min, color, sound



Ed Emshwiller

1972, 11:55 min, color, sound


They are lost to vision altogether

Tom Kalin

1989, 12:56 min, b&w and color, sound


Thighing (Blue)

Bruce Nauman

1967, 4:36 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video


Things I Forget To Tell Myself

Shelly Silver

1988, 1:50 min, color, sound


Third Annual Roggabogga


2002, 21:24 min, color, sound

Third Annual Roggabogga is the installation created by Forcefield for the Whitney Museum's Biennial Exhibition of 2002. For the installation, the artists created a diorama with neo-tribal figures, films, objects and sounds. The environment incorporated projected film animation, silkscreened...


Third Avenue: Only the Strong Survive

Jon Alpert and Keiko Tsuno 

1980, 58:10 min, color, sound


Third Known Nest

Tom Kalin

1991-99, 37:37 min, b&w and color, sound


Thirteenth Spectacle (Time)

Stuart Sherman

1980, 38 min, color, sound

Sherman may best be known for his solo Spectacle performances, which usually took the form of quick-paced interactions with everyday objects over a table top. He created and performed eighteen Spectacles in total, twelve of which he performed solo, and six with groups of collaborators. A...


This and That, and Other Minor Misunderstandings

Edin Velez

2001-02, 12:30 min, color, sound

Velez writes: "This and That is a road movie about forgetting — and being forgotten. Shot over a period of six years while traveling through France, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, and Puerto Rico, it is a document of failed loves, death and how neither vengeance nor pardon can modify the...


This Is My Blue Period

Julia Heyward

1977, 31:28 min, color, sound

A documentation of a 1977 performance at Artists Space (NYC), This Is My Blue Period is a surreal monologue featuring four of the artist's poems. At once incantation, song, and internal monologue, here Heyward describes a virus as it overtakes her body and infects her heart, blood, and mind. She...


This is not an Advertisement


1985, 5:05 min, color, sound


This is the Truth

Doug Hall

1982, 3:30 min, color, sound


This Old Man/My Name is Ne-Ne

Mary Lucier

2002-04, 4:35 min, color, sound

This Old Man/My Name is Ne Ne is an eloquent tribute to the students of New York City's PS 11. Aided by Lucier's careful manipulations of sound and image, this work offers a montage of portraits that are, by turns, gracefully slow-moving and hyper-kinetic, reflecting the energy and spirit of...



Shalom Gorewitz

2005, 16 min, color, sound


Three Adaptation Studies

Vito Acconci 

1970, 8:05 min, b&w, silent, Super 8mm film on video

In these early film exercises, Acconci exhibits an almost childlike vulnerability that is at once comic and oddly affecting. In Blindfold Catching, a blindfolded Acconci reacts, flinching and lunging, as rubber balls are repeatedly thrown at him from off-screen. In Soap & Eyes, he tries to keep...


Three Attention Studies

Vito Acconci 

1969, 9 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

In Looking Around Piece, the performer stands before a fixed camera, which records his eye and head movements as he follows a moving object outside the frame.

In Starting Piece, the performer starts too far away to be captured by the camera; as he walks down the hill, he gradually enters the...


Three Feathers and Other Fairy Tales

John Baldessari 

1973, 31:15 min, b&w, sound


Three Frame Studies

Vito Acconci 

1969-1970, 10:58 min, b&w and color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

In one of his earliest films, Acconci performs a series of actions — running in a circle, jumping, pushing another man — in which the physical limits of the action refer to the boundaries of the film frame itself.


Three Moons


2022, 4:17 min, color, sound, HD video

Three Moons refers to the three seasons—summer, spring, fall—spanned during the project’s creation, and accompanying phases of land-care across this timeframe. The video was shot using a temporospatial camera with no viewfinder, custom-made for LoVid by long time collaborator Douglas Repetto....


Three Relationship Studies

Vito Acconci 

1970, 12:30 min, b&w and color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

In this three-part exercise, Acconci explores the dynamics of the artist's interaction with or manipulation of an other. Each study involves a form of mirroring. In Shadow-Play, Acconci spars with his own shadow image, aggressively confronting himself as other. In Imitations, Acconci attempts to...


Three Returns

Joan Jonas

1973, 13:14 min, b&w, sound

In Three Returns, Jonas addresses perceptual phenomena in the natural landscape and questions the camera's recording of reality. Here she ritualistically charts sound, space and time in the topology of landscape. A boy playing bagpipes emerges from behind the camera, circles a field and then...


Three Returns/Barking

Joan Jonas

1973, 15:34 min, b&w, sound


Three Slideshows After Ed Ruscha and The Networked Computer

Michael Bell-Smith 

2006, 7:07 min, color, silent

Writes the artist: "The idea behind these pieces was to re-imagine the approaches to photography and the archive Ed Ruscha displayed in his books, through the lens of a post-personal computer, post-Internet, post-Google image search age." To do so, Bell-Smith arranged images sourced from the...


Three Waves

C. Spencer Yeh 

2017, 4:47 min, color, sound, HD video

Following up earlier works Eclipse and Baby Birds (2009), Three Waves amplifies and investigates the anatomical production of sound and its mediation through sensory technology — what Yeh describes as “kind of a moving-image riff on concrete poetry.” The video assembles a chorus line of seven...


Tiger Lives

Nam June Paik

1999, 45 min, color, sound


Tilt 1

Rita Myers

1973, 6:50 min, b&w, sound

Again, Myers negotiates her relationship to the frame of the camera as it gradually realigns itself — this time in a clock-wise movement that turns the room sideways. Myers adjusts her position, bracing herself with increasing difficulty against the wall, in an attempt to remain upright even...



Robert Buck

1985, 28 min, color, sound


Time Capsule 1972-1984

Ant Farm 

2003, 6:15 min, color and b&w, sound

Ant Farm's "Time Capsule" project was inaugurated in 1972. The project featured a new-model refrigerator that was packed with foodstuffs and medicines deemed representative of the cultural moment and then sealed for future retrieval. This video documents the project, cutting between 1972...


Time Smoking a Picture

Thierry Kuntzel. With the collaboration of Aaton, Andre Colas, Stephane Huter, Marie-Christine Moreau. 

1980, 38 min, color, sound


Time Squared

Branda Miller

1988, 6:33 min, color, sound


Time To Be (Jews in Paradise)

Pier Marton

1990, 59 min, color, sound


Time Without End

Klaus vom Bruch

1996, 6:15 min, color, sound

In vom Bruch's video loop Time Without End, a woman (actress Gene Tierney) is continuously on the brink of falling asleep while reading a book of the same title. The scene, extracted from John M. Stahl's 1945 noir-melodrama Leave Her to Heaven, depicts several layers of escape: the woman,...


Timewarp Experiment

Takeshi Murata

2007, 2:37 min, color, silent

In Timewarp Experiment, Murata applies a simple temporal manipulation to a piece of found footage, to uncanny effect. Digitally slowing the opening credit sequence from the 1970s' TV sitcom Three's Company, Murata creates a strange, hypnotic flow of movements and arrested gestures that unfold in...



John Baldessari 

1973, 18:33 min, b&w and color, sound, 16 mm film on video

Baldessari progresses from simple, static images, such as a rock in an empty room, to complex narrative scenes, like a woman eavesdropping on her next-door neighbor. Through the gradual integration of cinematic techniques—motion, color, sound, acting, editing and arc—the artist inverts the...


To And Fro. Fro And To. And To And Fro. And Fro And To.

Lawrence Weiner

1972, 1 min, b&w, sound

"An ashtray is used to demonstrate five different actions related to the work. With the camera static, the video opens with the ashtray in the center of the screen. A hand approaches it from above and slides the object up and down, then back up and back down. A voice states the work, the...


To Repel Ghosts

Dan Asher 

1996, 21:43 min, color, sound

Asher documented the funeral procession of Joshua Compston, former owner of the Factual Nonsense Gallery in London. Compston died at the age of twenty-five from a combination of drink and drugs after attending the opening of a retrospective exhibition by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Many of the British...


To Sorrow...

Kit Fitzgerald

1984, 5:38 min, color, sound


Tokyo Days

Chris Marker

1988, 20:15 min, color, sound, French


Tom Tom the Piper's Son

Ken Jacobs

1969-2002, 133 min, color and b&w

This special edition of Jacobs' classic work Tom Tom the Piper's Son includes the two-hour film, which is recognized as a structuralist masterpiece, as well as A Tom Tom Chaser (2002), Jacobs' never-before-seen poetic riff on the transformation of his film from chemical to electronic form during...



Shirley Clarke, Joseph Chaiken, and Sam Shepard. 

1981-82, 45:39 min, color, sound



Terry Fox

1970, 21 min, b&w, sound


Toning: Yoko Ono

John Sanborn

2013, 6:51 min, color, sound

One very straightforward interpretation of peace is the tranquility of reflection and centering -- a toning of the soul. Almost Zen, but curiously frustrating and liberating at the same time, for this work I added both standard and offbeat words to speak to the end of a process. - John Sanborn


Tony Oursler: Selected Works

Tony Oursler

1979, 34:20 min, b&w and color, sound


Tony Sinking into the Floor, Face Up, and Face Down

Bruce Nauman

1973, 60 min, color, sound



Péter Forgács

1993, 26 min, color, sound



Shelly Silver

2013, 67:11 min, color, sound, HD video, Chinese

Write Silver, "A man returns, after fifty years, to Chinatown to care for his dying mother. He is a librarian, a re-cataloguer, a gay man, a watcher, an impersonator. He passes his time collecting images that he puts before us, his witnesses and collaborators. Sitting in the dark, we share his...


Touch Cinema


1968, 1:08 min, b&w, sound


Tough Limo

Francesc Torres

1983, 16:43 min, color, sound



Barbara Hammer

1984, 2:44 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video

"The slide of the image into politics finds concrete expression in the film Tourist as the word 'spectacle' nestles in the Hollywood Hills like an Edward Ruscha painting. Psychic desires of 'tourists' permeate the architecture of seeing. The fleeting spectacle is a series of imaginative...


Toxic Detox

Tony Oursler and Joe Gibbons 

1992, 32 min, color, sound



Peter d'Agostino

1995, 15 min, color, sound



the American Center, Paris, with the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Public Art Fund

1992, 24 min, color, sound




1975, 19:11 min, color, sound



Cory Arcangel

2007, 16 sec, color, sound

A screen capture of pre-set iMovie transition graphics.



Peter d'Agostino

1985-90, 28 min, color, sound


TRANSVOICES: transgressions

Dara Birnbaum

1992, 60 sec, color, sound

Birnbaum swiftly traces the geopolitical history of the U.S. and then France, charting their constant reconfigurations across maps rendered malleable through special effects. A densely layered soundtrack guides the viewer through this "anti-terrain," in which boundaries are arbitrary and national...



Vito Acconci 

1971, 8 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

A corridor of closet spaces in an industrial warehouse at the Städisches Museum Abteiberg in Mönchengladbach, Germany. In one of these closets, the artist crouches, naked, on a floor of toys and fabrics and plastics, detritus from a child's room. He talks to his penis, addressing it as another...



Barbara Hammer

1970, 25:27 min, color, silent, 8mm film on video


Travelling Garage Sale

Martha Rosler 

1977, 31:01 min, b&w

From a collection of newly restored (and newly available) work, including Super 8 films, installation elements, and works for television spanning the period 1974 to 1992. Other titles include In the Place of the Public: Airport Series, Martha Rosler Reads "Vogue", and The Garden Spot of the World.


Travelogue: Cairo Egypt

C. Spencer Yeh

2015, 28:06 min, color, sound, HD video

A travelogue in four parts – two long tracking shots, an edited segment of static shots, and one long handheld shot.



Shalom Gorewitz

1979-1980, 28:05 min, color, sound


Tree Dance

Gordon Matta-Clark

1971, 9:32 min, b&w, silent, 16 mm film on HD video

For the exhibition Twenty-Six by Twenty Six at the Vassar College of Art Gallery in Poughkeepsie, New York, Matta-Clark created a performance inspired by spring fertility rituals. He performed in a structure made of ladders, ropes and other materials, which he built at the top of a large tree.




1999, 11 min, color, sound

Steina continues her investigation into the interaction between processed sound and image. Here she manipulates footage of electroacoustic music composer Trevor Wishart at a studio microphone, electronically slurring his words into a stream of synthesized gibberish. Our attempts to understand...


Trill-ogy Comp

Ryan Trecartin


Trill-ogy Comp consists of the three movies K-CoreaINC.K (section a); Sibling Topics (section a); and P.opular (section ish). Its title freely associates with the words "trill" and "comp"—as in the musical sound resulting from rapidly alternating between two notes, or the phonetic sound...


Trilogy of the Titans

George Kuchar

1999, 13:10 min, color, sound


Trip to Korea

Shigeko Kubota

1984, 9:05 min, color, sound


Trisha and Carmen

Burt Barr 

1988, 13:02 min, color, sound


Try to Live to See This (3 channels)

Daniel Reeves

1989, 90:49 each, color, sound


TULE: The Cuna Indians of San Blas

Edin Velez

1978, 29:32 min, color, sound



Eder Santos

1998, 4:15 min, color, sound


Tunic (Song for Karen)

Tony Oursler. In collaboration with Sonic Youth. 

1990, 6:17 min, color, sound



Vito Acconci 

1974, 21:52 min, color, sound

Turn-On is one of Acconci's most charged and dramatic exercises, a tense and dynamic confrontation with the viewer. The back of Acconci's head is seen in tight close-up. He hums to himself, first lyrically, then aggressively, violently. Suddenly he wheels around to face the camera, his face...


Turning Some Pages

Lawrence Weiner

2007, 5 min, color, sound

Turning Some Pages was produced in conjunction with the printing of a limited edition journal of the same name by the Howard Smith Paper Group, a British paper merchant. The action of reading a book informs the structure of this motion drawing. Abstract arrangements of shapes and images of dice...


Tux Dog

Paper Rad

2003, Web Project

Paper Rad synthesizes popular material from television, video games, and advertising, reprogramming these references with an exuberantly neo-primitivist digital aesthetic. Tux Dog, which began as a cartoon character drawn by a Paper Rad member as a child, is an open source Web project hosted by...


TV Architecture

Robert Buck

1986, 28 min, color, sound


TVE: Primer Intento


1989, 38:20 min, b&w and color, sound


TVTV Goes to the Superbowl


1976, 46:50 min, color, sound

The ultimate American sports spectacle is given a behind-the-scenes look by TVTV, with color commentary provided by Bill Murray and Christopher Guest. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys descend on Miami for Superbowl X in 1976, bringing with them lunatic fans, the media, and the coveted...


TVTV Looks at the Oscars


1976, 59 min, color, sound

Made in 1976, TVTV's close-up look at Hollywood's annual awards ritual mixes irreverent documentary with deadpan comedy. TVTV's cameras go behind the scenes to follow major Hollywood figures (including Steven Spielberg, Michael Douglas, Lee Grant, Jack Nicholson, and many others), capturing them...


Twelfth Spectacle (Language)

Stuart Sherman

1980, 32 min, color, sound

Sherman may best be known for his solo Spectacle performances, which usually took the form of quick-paced interactions with everyday objects over a table top. He created and performed eighteen Spectacles in total, twelve of which he performed solo, and six with groups of collaborators. A...


Two Bad Daughters

Barbara Hammer and Paula Levine 

1988, 12:21 min, b&w and color, sound

"Two Bad Daughters, by Barbara Hammer and Paula Levine, is a whirlwind tour of paternal institutions: fatherhood, Lacanian psychoanalysis and bondage. The tape turns on the dominators, using a heavy complement of graphics and manipulated images to collapse control. The stratified surface of Two...


Two Channel Music Tape: Spring/Fall

Paul Garrin and Nam June Paik 

1986, 32:20 min, color, sound, Two Channels


Two Colorful Melodies

John Baldessari 

1977, 5:30 min, color, sound


Two Cover Studies

Vito Acconci 

1970, 7:46 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

In Scene Steal, Acconci, fully clothed, tries to shield a nude woman from the camera. In Container, he wraps his nude body around a cat as if to totally enclose it.


Two Faces of One Room

Victor Masayesva, Jr.

1992, 1 min, color, sound

Two sacred architectural structures of two dissimilar cultures — the kiva of the Native American and the cathedral of Western Europe — are juxtaposed to contemplate their cultural and spiritual differences.

This piece was created as part of "TRANS-VOICES", an international multi-media public...


Two Marxists in Hollywood

Zoe Beloff

2015, 26:11 min, color, sound, HD video

"In 1930, Russian avant-garde filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein spent six months in Los Angeles under contract with Paramount. A decade later, German playwright and theater director Bertolt Brecht, a refugee from Nazi Germany, lived there from 1941 to 1947. Both set out to make films in Hollywood on...


Two Moon July

The Kitchen 

1986, 53:40 min, color, sound

The television production Two Moon July was a multidisciplinary event that featured experimental video, film, visual art, performance and music in a theatrical framework. More than thirty artists participated in the program, which was produced for the Kitchen by Carlota Schoolman and directed by...


Two Screen Matrix: Air Writing (1974)/Fire Writing (1975)

Mary Lucier

1979, 18:30 min, b&w, sound


Two Takes

Vito Acconci 

1970, 9:40 min, b&w, silent, Super 8mm film on video

Acconci oftens performs controlled actions as if he had entered into a contractual agreement to test his physical limitations. In Grass/Mouth, Acconci ingests grass until he chokes; in Hair/Mouth, he fills his mouth with the hair from a woman's head.


Two Track

Vito Acconci 

1971, 28:35 min, b&w, sound

In Two Track, Acconci experiments with direct and peripheral perception of information in the context of communication and interaction. He sits with a man and a woman in front of a microphone. The man and woman each read a different text (a Mickey Spillane novel and a Raymond Chandler novel)...


Two Women

Alix Pearlstein

2000, 2:20 min, color, sound


Two Wrenching Departures

Ken Jacobs

2006, 90 min, b&w, sound

In October 1989, estranged friends Bob Fleischner and Jack Smith died within a week of each other. Ken Jacobs met Smith through Fleischner in 1955 at CUNY night school, where the three were studying camera techniques. This feature-length work, first performed in 1989 as a live Nervous System...


Two-Way Mirror Cylinder Inside Cube and a Video Salon

Dan Graham

1992, 19:32 min, color, sound


Two-Zone Transfer

Ulysses Jenkins

1979, 23:53 min, color, sound

Featuring performances from Jenkins's fellow Otis Art Institute classmates Greg Pitts, Ronnie Nichols, Roger Trammell, and Kerry James Marshall, Two-Zone Transfer depicts, in Jenkins's words, a "dreamscape in which the dreamer awakens to a visitation of three minstrels who tell the story of the...