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J'ai la tête qui tourne (My Head is Spinning)

Danièle and Jacques Louis Nyst

1984, 15:48 min, color, sound


J.S. Bach

Juan Downey

1986, 28:25 min, color, sound


Jamais l'un sans l'autre (Never one without the other)

1992, 1 min, color, sound

Carre describes this piece as "... an attempt to show how technology intervenes in all of our physical and social relationships."


James Byrne: Selected Works I

James Byrne

1974-78, 17:10 min, b&w, sound



Eder Santos

1993, 17:40 min, color, sound


Jane Brakhage

Barbara Hammer

1974, 9:54 min, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on HD video


Janice Tanaka: Selected Works

Janice Tanaka

1980-81, 26:26 min, b&w and color, sound



Cheryl Dunye

1990, 9:05 min, color, sound


Japan in Paris in L.A.

Bruce and Norman Yonemoto

1996, 30 min, color, sound

Japan in Paris in L.A. centers on Saeki Yuzo, an early twentieth-century Japanese artist who makes a pilgrimage to Paris to seek his artistic fortunes, only to find that ethnic and cultural differences stand in his way. Around this narrative, the Yonemotos construct a multi-layered and...


Japan Tapes

Dan Asher

1997, 17:57 min, color, sound

A collection of brief videotaped encounters on one of Asher's travels to Japan. More poetic than ethnographic, the works playfully read the surfaces of Japanese modern life as it reacts to its American visitor.

Japan Tapes # 1 1997, 7:42 min, color, sound

It's Your Day 1997, 1:14 min, color,...



Alexander Kluge

1988, 21 min, b&w and color, sound, German with English subtitles.


Jason Lescalleet "Beauty Is A Bowtie (HTDW)"

C. Spencer Yeh

2013, 2:14, color, sound


Jason Lescalleet "Beauty Is A Bowtie (HTDW)" (Alternate Version)

C. Spencer Yeh

2013, 2:14 min, color, sound


Jeder Schuss ein Treffer

Klaus vom Bruch

1984, 9:30 min, color, sound



Philip Mallory Jones

1989, 3 min, color, sound


Jennifer, Where Are You?

Leslie Thornton

1981, 11 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video

At once charming and disconcerting, Jennifer, Where Are You? depicts a young girl as she sloppily applies lipstick to her face while an unseen male figure calls out her name in search of her. The film, although punctuated at 30-second intervals by the relentless repetition of "Jennifer, where are...


Jet Set Willy Variations


2002, 18 min, color, sound

Jet Set Willy Variations consists of modifications of the 1984 video game Jet Set Willy. The original game was made for the obsolete British computer Sinclair ZX Spectrum, which was popular in the early 1980s. "These versions of Jet Set Willy...become increasingly more abstract, finding...


JGLNG (pronounced "juggling")/The First International Whistling Show

Skip Blumberg

1976-78, 28 min, b&w, sound


John Sanborn and Dean Winkler: Selected Works

John Sanborn and Dean Winkler 

1983-85, 18:59 min, color, sound


John Sanborn and Mary Perillo: Dance Works

John Sanborn and Mary Perillo 

1986-88, 48:40 min, color, sound


John Sanborn and Mary Perillo: Selected Works, 1987-89

John Sanborn and Mary Perillo 

1987-89, 55 min, b&w and color, sound


John Torreano: Art World Wizard


1986, 4:14 min, b&w and color, sound


Jonas Mekas in Kodachrome Days

Ken Jacobs

2009, 3:22 min, color, silent, HD video

Ken Jacobs writes, "Jonas remains most famous for not acting famous. Here he can be seen away from film audiences, dawdling in the cosmos while history happens elsewhere (unless we are mistaken, and the most meaningful and revealing moments are the moments at ease)."


Joseph Beuys' Public Dialogue

Willoughby Sharp 

1974, 120:15 min, b&w, sound

In this dialogue between the audience and Beuys, recorded at the New School for Social Research in New York, the artist presents his theories of art as "social sculpture" and interacts with the audience. (Audience members included Claes Oldenburg and Al Hansen.)The evident tension in the audience...


Joseph Beuys: Dialogue with Audience

Gianfranco Mantegna 

1980, 50:19 min, color and b&w, sound


Joyride (TM)

Tony Oursler and Constance DeJong

1988, 14:23 min, color, sound


Judgement Day Theatre: The Book of Manson

Raymond Pettibon

1989, 118 min, color, sound


Julietta Calls Ramone

Kalup Linzy

2002, 2:43 min, b&w, sound


Jump (Hysterique Bourreé)

Charles Atlas in collaboration with Philippe Decoufle 

1984, 14:43 min, color, sound

Flaunting the burlesque theatricality of a surreal, post-punk cabaret, Jump is a wildly stylized collaboration between Atlas and French choreographer Philippe Découflé. Within the campy, self-conscious decadence of a French music hall milieu (lavishly sculpted and painted costumes, extravagant...



Rita Myers

1973, 3:30 min, b&w, sound

Jumps is the last in a triptych of performances in which Myers attempts to escape the space of closed-circuit monitoring through physical exertion. As the frame widens, Myers jumps out of view — defying the camera's gaze until gravity defies her and the frame widens again.


June 30, 1997 (aka Celebrate What?)

Yau Ching

1997, 7:30 min, color, sound


Junior War

Ryan Trecartin

2013, 24:25 min, color, sound, HD video

In Junior War, a throng of high schoolers congregates at night for a party in the woods sometime in the year 2000. A band plays, the kids get drunk, the boys and girls tepidly flirt, and groups deploy into cars for the purpose of destroying mailboxes, tee-peeing houses, breaking lawn ornaments,...


Just Stand Still

Kip Fulbeck

1988, 19:41 min, color, sound


Juste le temps

Robert Cahen

1983, 12:45 min, color, sound