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O Panama

Burt Barr and James Benning 

1985, 27:19 min, color, sound


O-C-D (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Ursula Hodel

2002, 9:32 min, color, sound

In this performance tape, Hodel investigates the psychology of desire and narcissism. Accompanied by a soundtrack of her own piano improvisations, Hodel repeatedly emerges from a bathroom and strides toward the camera, each time attired in a different haute-couture outfit.


Oasis of the Pharaohs

George Kuchar

1997, 16 min, color, sound



Steina and Woody Vasulka

1978, 28:58 min, b&w and color, sound


Objects With Destinations

Gary Hill

1979, 3:57 min, color, silent


Oblique Strategist Too

Edin Velez

1984, 12:33 min, color, sound


Obsessive Becoming

Daniel Reeves

1995, 54 min, color, sound



Charles Atlas, Merce Cunningham

2010, 100:28 min, color, sound, HD video

Charles Atlas' Ocean captures the breathtaking 2008 performances of Merce Cunningham's seminal dance work of the same title. Completed in 1994, Cunningham's 90-minute opus is an homage to composer John Cage and novelist James Joyce. Similarly, Atlas' film serves as an ode to his four-decades-long...


Ode to Life (Minuet In G Major)

Ellen Cantor

1997, 3:11 min, b&w, sound


of Water, of Place

James Byrne

1979, 9:25 min, color, sound



Tony Oursler

1999, 60 min, color, sound


Off Limits

Rea Tajiri

1988, 7:30 min, color, sound


Offering to Yemaya

Shalom Gorewitz

2013, 6 min, color, sound


Office Baroque

Eric Convents and Roger Steylaerts 

1977-2005, 44 min, b&w and color, sound, 16 mm film on HD video


Oh, Rapunzel

Cecelia Condit 

1996-2008, 24:17 min, color, sound

Set in a decaying estate in Philadelphia, Oh, Rapunzel recasts the life of the artist’s mother, Annie Lloyd Condit, through the beloved titular fairytale. The video begins with a question posed by the artist: “Mother, why didn’t your mother like you very much?” Condit re-envisions an emancipatory...


Ohio to Giverny: Memory of Light

Mary Lucier

1983, 19 min, color, sound


Old, Temporary

Cheryl Donegan

2005, 8 min, color, sound

Old, Temporary applies an obscure, appropriated Yoko Ono monologue to a banal setting. Donegan shoots a young woman as she casually meanders through a shopping mall and tries on clothes. The audio reveals Ono reciting vague personal observations about relationships as The Beatles are heard...


Olympic Fragments

Kit Fitzgerald and John Sanborn

1980, 10:35 min, color, sound


OM Rider

Takeshi Murata

2013, 11:39 min, color, sound, HD video



George Kuchar

1995, 20:05 min, color, sound


On Subjectivity (About TV)


1978, 53 min, color


On Tour

The Wooster Group and Ken Kobland

2001, 62 min, color, sound

This portrait of the Wooster Group on tour follows the experimental theater company over six days as they install their production HOUSE/LIGHTS in Glasgow in 2000. Photographed and edited by longtime Wooster Group collaborator Ken Kobland, this experimental documentary exhibits both intimacy and...


On Translation: Fear/Miedo


2005, 30:27 min, color, sound

On Translation: Fear/Miedo is a televised intervention that is based on the production of a video work that weaves together interviews with people who experience the tensions of the border zone on a daily basis, archival televised footage that refers to the idea of fear on the border between...


On Translation: Miedo/Jauf


2007, 53:54 min, color, sound

On Translation: Miedo/Jauf is part of Muntadas' ongoing series On Translation, which was begun in 1995 and now includes over 40 projects that explore the idea of translation in the context of economic, cultural and political realities. In On Translation: Miedo/Jauf, produced in collaboration with...


One Emerging from a Point of View

Wu Tsang 

2019, 43 min, color, sound, HD video


One Way

James Byrne

1979, 7:54 min, b&w, sound


One11 and 103

John Cage

1992, 94 min, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video

In this double work, abstractions of light travel across and into the sounds and space created by artist and composer John Cage. While intended as a unified work, the piece must also be considered as a joining of two discrete works, each of which stands on its own. One11 is a composition "for...



Tony Oursler and Joe Gibbons 

1990, 45:40 min, color, sound


Ontic Antics Starring Laurel and Hardy: Bye, Molly

Ken Jacobs

2005, 90 min, b&w and color, sound

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

"Hardy walked a thin line between playing heavy and playing fatty. Laurel adopted a retarded squint, with suggestions of idiot savant. Their characters were at sea, clinging to...


Open Book

Vito Acconci 

1974, 10:09 min, color, sound

In Open Book, Acconci's open mouth fills the screen. Struggling to hold his mouth open, he attempts to talk to the viewer, intoning in an almost unintelligible voice: "I'm not closed, I'm open. Come in... You can do anything with me. Come in. I won't stop you. I can't close you off. I won't close...


Open House

Gordon Matta-Clark

1972, 41 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on HD video

In May 1972, Matta-Clark installed an industrial waste container between 98 and 112 Greene Street in New York's SoHo district. He collected discarded doors and pieces of timber and divided the interior into three openings. This piece records an opening-day site performance by the artist, Tina...


Open House Reel

Michael Smith and Joshua White

2000, 62 min, color and b&w, sound



Vito Acconci 

1970, 6:40 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

In this performance based tape, Acconci uses his body to explore notions of opening and closure.



Vito Acconci 

1970, 14 min, b&w, silent, Super 8mm film on video

Acconci's body-based performances are often willfully provocative in their testing of physical limits and controlled actions. Here, as the camera frames Acconci's stomach in close up, he painstakingly pulls out each hair from the skin around his navel.


Opera Sextronique

Jud Yalkut

1967, 5:10 min, color and b&w, silent, 16 mm film on video

Yalkut's film is the only record of Nam June Paik's legendary 1967 performance Opera Sextronique in New York, which was interrupted by the arrest of cellist Charlotte Moorman, who was performing topless. The incident led to Moorman's subsequent notoriety as the "Topless Cellist." This restaging...


Optic Nerve

Barbara Hammer

1985, 16:43 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on video

"Barbara Hammer's Optic Nerve is a powerful personal reflection on family and aging. Hammer employs filmed footage which, through optical printing and editing, is layered and manipulated to create a compelling meditation on her visit to her grandmother in a nursing home. The sense of sight...


orange factory

Seoungho Cho

2002, 11:38 min, color, sound

orange factory travels the back-roads of the Korean countryside at twilight. A haunted voice, reading from Ryu Murakami's Almost Transparent Blue, recalls experiences of pain and abandonment, while an unsettling music track underscores the themes of alienation and loss. Here Cho uses light to...


Orbital Obsessions


1975-77; revised 1988, 24:25 min, b&w, sound


Organic Honey's Vertical Roll

Joan Jonas

1973-99, 15 min, b&w, sound


Organic Honey's Visual Telepathy

Joan Jonas

1972, 17:24 min, b&w, sound




1995, 16 min, color, sound


Our Grief Is Not a Cry for War

Barbara Hammer

2001, 3:36 min, color, sound

On October 11, 2001, in Times Square, New York City, an ad hoc group of artists named Our Grief Is Not a Cry for War silently demonstrated for peace at a time when the nation was clamoring for war and sacrificing its own civil liberties. Hammer documents the demonstration and, in so doing, makes...


Our Trip

Barbara Hammer

1980, 4:09 min, b&w and color, sound, 16 mm film on HD video


Out in South Africa

Barbara Hammer

1994, 50:46 min, color, sound

In the summer of 1994, Hammer was in invited to have a retrospective at the first Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on the African continent. In addition to screening her films there, Hammer created Out in South Africa, a documentary on race, sexual orientation, and civil rights in a transitional...


Out O' Actions

Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy

1998, 4:25 min, color, sound

Out O' Actions documents Kelley and McCarthy's preliminary activities in organizing a project for the Visitor's Gallery of the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles during the inaugural exhibition of "Out of Actions: Between Performance and the Object 1949-1979." Mimicking the editing structure...


Out of the Body Travel

Richard Foreman

1976, 42 min, b&w, sound


OYMA (Outstanding Young Men of America)

Michael Smith

1996, 9:23 min, color, sound


Ozone Stories

Maxi Cohen

1983, 20:15 min, color, sound