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G is the Dial

Andrew Lampert

2013, 6 min, color, sound

Rose and Yvonne tackle the intrepid task of loading a 16mm projector in the year 2013. Wish them luck!



Tony Martin 

2003, b&w, sound, Web Project

Extending Martin's early explorations of interactivity into a new medium, Galaxy is a web-based light and sound "cyber sculpture" where elements of varying light intensity, placement, and motion are determined by individual users. The accumulation of individuals' actions forms an on-screen...


Galerie de portraits

Marie André 

1982, 45 min, color, sound

In Galerie de portraits, André sketches the portraits of five women from among her closest friends and family (including her grandmother and daughter), composing an intimate, intensely private space. Her eloquent compositions focus on the quotidian, the richness inherent in such everyday gestures...


Game of Death

Kip Fulbeck

1991, 6:30 min, color, sound


Game of the Week

Doug Hall, Chip Lord and Optic Nerve 

1977, 16:20 min, color, sound


Ganapati/A Spirit in the Bush

Daniel Reeves

1986, 45 min, b&w and color, sound



Ursula Hodel

1999, 10 min, color, sound



Tony Labat

1991, 45 min, sound, Audio only


Gargle/Spit Piece

Vito Acconci 

1970, 3 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

The artist, sitting naked, takes water from a pot into his mouth and gargles; he spits it out onto his stomach and groin, transferring the water from one "container" (the pot) to another (his body).


Gary Hill: Sites Recited

Carole Ann Klonarides with Joe Leonardi. In collaboration with Gary Hill. 

1994, 60 min, color, sound

This tape is a "feedback" dialogue inspired by the installations and single-channel works in the 1994 exhibition Gary Hill: Sites Recited at the Long Beach Museum of Art. It includes early works such as War Zone (1980), Primarily Speaking (1983), Cut Pipe (1992), and Learning Curve (still point) (19...


Gastronomic Getaway

George Kuchar

1991, 14:12 min, color, sound



Bruce Nauman

1969, 8 min, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video



Barbara Hammer and Joey (formerly Gina) Carducci  

2010, 14:36 min, color, sound, HD video

Generations is a film about mentoring and passing on the tradition of personal experimental filmmaking. Barbara Hammer, 70 years old, hands the camera to Gina Carducci, a young queer filmmaker. Shooting during the last days of Astroland at Coney Island, New York, the filmmakers find that the...


George Maciunas With Two Eyes 1972, George Maciunas With One Eye 1976

Shigeko Kubota

1994, 7 min, b&w, sound

In this rare portrait of Fluxus founder George Maciunas, Kubota pays homage to a mentor and fellow Fluxus artist. Maciunas is also recognized as the force behind the transformation of New York's SoHo neighborhood into an artists' district. In Kubota's ongoing video diary, she observes Maciunas as...


George Stoney: Selected Works

George Stoney

1978, 53:49 min, b&w, sound


Gerald Ford's America: Chic to Sheik


1975, 28 min, b&w and color, sound


Gerald Ford's America: WIN


1975, 28 min, color, sound



Hannah Wilke

1974, 35:30 min, b&w, sound


Get Rid of Yourself

Bernadette Corporation 

2003, 61 min, color, sound

This complex, multi-layered work, called an "anti-documentary" by its authors, combines footage of rioting at the 2001 G-8 summit in Genoa with performances by Chloe Sevigny, Werner von Delmont and members of the Black Bloc anarchist group. These elements yield a disorienting and critical video...


Get Wet: The Syncro Swim Scratch Video

Skip Blumberg

1988, 5 min, color, sound


getting in

Shelly Silver

1989, 2:47 min, b&w and color, sound


GHAZAL: Collected Video (2000)

Shalom Gorewitz

2000, 31:17 min, color, sound

These richly layered video collages — of city, body, and landscape — paint a portrait of threatened spirituality in the age of fast food and fast cameras. Each is accompanied by a moving, at times meditative soundtrack. From Steve Reich's minimalist score for Numbering Numbers to Mozart's...


Ghosts & Demons

Philip Mallory Jones

1987, 3 min, color, sound


Gift of Fire: Nineteen (Obscure) Frames That Changed The World

Ken Jacobs

2007, 27:30 min, anaglyph 3-D color, surround sound

Originally presented as an installation in the exhibition Evolution 2007 at Lumen in Leeds, Gift of Fire devotes fetishistic attention to what is probably the first film in history: Louis-Aimé-Augustin Le Prince's 1888 footage of traffic crossing Leeds Bridge. Jacobs continues his intellectual...


Girl Talk

Wu Tsang 

2015, 4:02 min, color, sound, HD video

An iPhone-shot reverie depicting poet and scholar Fred Moten letting loose to the eponymous 1965 jazz standard, performed by Josiah Wise (known professionally as serpentwithfeet). Moten twirls in slow motion with a wry smile, crystals from his flowing garb sparkling across the sun-soaked frame....


Girls | Museum

Shelly Silver 

2020, 71 minutes, color, Stereo, HD video, English

Girls | Museum is a voyage through the historical art collection of the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig/MdbK, guided by the expertise and insights of a group of girls, ages 7 to 19. Moving from painting to painting, century to century, they tell us what they see.


Giving Birth: Four Portraits

John Reilly and Julie Gustafson

1976, 58:45 min, b&w and color, sound


Glacier Park Video Views

George Kuchar

1993, 17:05 min, color, sound


Gladia Daters

Alex Bag 

2005, 28:30 min, color, sound

In Gladia Daters, Bag constructs a grisly half-hour of television using the format of a reality dating show. Bag appears as JoJo, a weathered female contestant sporting an infant and a tracheotomy scar, who drinks and dances as her three suitors compete for a date. Punctuated with flashy...


Glass House

Zoe Beloff

2015, 21:03 min, b&w, sound, HD video

A film based on Sergei Eisenstein's notes and drawings for an unrealized science fiction movie that he pitched to Paramount Studios in 1930. Featuring Jim Fletcher and Kate Valk in a vertically-oriented narrative about an all-glass skyscraper, the theme of Glass House is the architecture of...


Glass Puzzle

Joan Jonas

1973, 17:27 min, b&w, sound


Global Groove

Nam June Paik and John Godfrey 

1973, 28:30 min, color, sound

"This is a glimpse of the video landscape of tomorrow, when you will be able to switch to any TV station on the earth, and TV Guide will be as fat as the Manhattan telephone book." So begins Global Groove, a seminal work in the history of video art. This radical manifesto on global communications...


Go For It, Mike

Michael Smith

1984, 4:40 min, color, sound



Ursula Hodel

1997, 4:31 min, color, sound


Going Around in Circles

Nancy Holt

1973, 15 min, b&w, sound

Going Around in Circles is an early video experiment in which Holt explores perception and point of view. A board in which five circular holes have been cut has been placed in front of the camera. Through the holes, which are covered and uncovered, five subjects are seen moving between five...


Going East on Michigan Avenue from Westland to Downtown Detroit

Mike Kelley

2011, 78:50 min, color, sound, HD video


Going Nowhere

George Kuchar

1992, 10:30 min, color, sound


Going West on Michigan Avenue from Downtown Detroit to Westland

Mike Kelley

2011, 78:28, color, sound, HD video


Golda & Roza

Gusztáv Hámos

1995, 50:45 min, color, sound


Golden Voyage

Steina and Woody Vasulka

1973, 14:12 min, color, sound



Alix Pearlstein

2008, 3:05 min, color, sound, HD video

Writes Pearlstein, "A seemingly invaluable object - a white rectangular panel - is placed in the middle of a black box theater. A group of nine, each wearing an article of metallic gold clothing set upon the task of ripping it apart. They tear it to shreds, taunting, fighting and climbing all...


Good Morning Mr. Orwell

Nam June Paik

1984, 38 min, color, sound


Good Night Good Morning

Joan Jonas

1976, 11:38 min, b&w, sound


Good Time Charlie Mars

Don Hallock 

1973, 14:58 min, color, sound


Gould Pro

Cory Arcangel 




Cheryl Donegan

1993, 6:27 min, color, sound


Graft and Ash for a Three Monitor Workstation

Sondra Perry

2016, 9:05 min, color, sound, HD video


Grand Mal

Tony Oursler

1981, 22:36 min, color, sound


Grass Light on Flesh

Robert Buck 

2022, 7:09 min, Color, Stereo, HD video

Robert Buck writes: "As a visual iteration of his LP, Spirit Appears to a Pair of Lovers, artist and musician Gryphon Rue invited artists to create a video for one of the tracks. For Grass Light on Flesh, I manipulated TV news footage of the implosion of the space age Landmark Hotel and Casino in...


Grass or When the Rain Falls on the Water Does the Fish Get Any Wetter

Janice Tanaka

1985, 5:25 min, b&w and color, sound


Great Mother (HARUMI)

Mako Idemitsu

1983, 13:03 min, color, sound


Great Mother (SACHIKO)

Mako Idemitsu

1984, 18:45 min, color, sound


Great Mother (YUMIKO)

Mako Idemitsu

1983, 24:30 min, color, sound


Green as Well as Blue as Well as Red

Lawrence Weiner

1976, 18 min, color, sound


Green Card: An American Romance

Bruce and Norman Yonemoto

1982, 79:15 min, color, sound


Greetings from Amarillo

Chip Lord 

2016, 29:57 min, color, sound, HD video


Greetings From Lanesville

Videofreex/Media Bus

1976, 28 min, b&w and color, sound


Growth Opportunities

Andrew Lampert

2006, 20:53 min, color, sound


Guadalcanal Requiem

Nam June Paik with Charlotte Moorman 

1977, re-edited 1979, 28:33 min, color, sound



Juan Downey

1976, 25:10 min, b&w and color, sound



Andrew Lampert

2010, 9:29 min, sepia, sound, Super 8mm film on video


Guns and Poses (Remix)


1995-97, 12 min, color, sound


Gusztáv Hámos: Selected Works

Gusztáv Hámos

1981-87, 25:42 min, color, sound


György Kepes in Conversation with Muntadas


1989-2013, 52:53 min, sound