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Ñ (enn-yay)

Tony Labat

1982, 8:03 min, color, sound


Nam June Paik: 2 Piano Concerts: 1994/95

Stephen Vitiello. Featuring Nam June Paik.

1997, 20 min, color, sound


Nam June Paik: Edited for Television

Nam June Paik

1975, 29:24 min, b&w and color, sound


Nam June Paik: Seoul NyMax Performance 1997

Stephen Vitiello and Nam June Paik

1999, 17 min, color, sound


Nan Hoover: Selected Works I

Nan Hoover

1978-82, 44:31 min, color, sound


Nan Hoover: Selected Works II

Nan Hoover

1983-85, 50:51 min, color, sound



Phyllis Baldino 

1998, 5:05 min, color, sound


Não Vou À África Porque Tenho Plantão (I Cannot Go to Africa Because I Am on Duty)

Eder Santos

1990, 7:57 min, color, sound


NASA Footage Re-scan

Robert Buck

1985, 28 min, color, sound



Tom Kalin

1992, 1 min, color, sound

This highly stylized and deftly edited provocation features a cast of performers, diverse in national origin, who recite a litany of statements meant to challenge viewers' secure notions of national identity. Kalin asserts that bodies are very real battlegrounds, territories that are contested...


National Arts Emergency

Branda Miller and Joy Silverman 

1990, 29 min, color, sound


Nature Demo

Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn

2008, 9:19 min, color, sound

As densely populated as it is, there are many incursions of nature into the urban bustle of Los Angeles: overgrown yards, vine-blanketed retaining walls, slivers of forest between neighborhoods. In Nature Demo, Dodge and Kahn explore the flora and fauna of the Los Angeles River, which flows in a...


Nature in New York City

Paul Ryan

1989, 27 min, color, sound


Need To Know

Lawrence Weiner

1978, 59 min, Audio CD

A radio play that aired on WBAI in New York in 1978, Need to Know is a sound structure. With allusions to Sam Cooke and the socio-political upheaval of the era, this multi-voiced "Experimental Theatre of the Air" is alternately playful and, as promised by its title, urgently imperative.


Neo Geo: An American Purchase

Peter Callas

1989, 9:17 min, color, sound


Neptune's Choice

Eder Santos

2003, 15:22 min, color and b&w, sound

Neptune's Choice is Santos' self-described "letter to Amsterdam." With lush images, elliptical text and a haunting sound collage, this poetic work explores the artist's impressions of the cosmopolitan city. Defining Amsterdam through its historical and contemporary relation to water, Santos...


Nervous Magic Lantern: SPIRAL NEBULA

Ken Jacobs

2005, 46 min, color, silent

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

This work is derived from one of Jacobs' Nervous Magic Lantern performances, which are created with a hand-manipulated projector and use neither film nor video. Highly stroboscopic...


New Dance

Skip Blumberg

1986, 24:30 min, color, sound


New Man

Alix Pearlstein

2001, 1:46 min, color, sound

With its reference to television commercials and its minimalist theatricality, New Man continues Pearlstein's wry commentary on gender and the media. Here five shirtless men defiantly face the camera, against an austere white backdrop. A disembodied voice counts down to zero, at which point the...


New Music America #1

Skip Blumberg

1980-87, 26:30 min, color, sound


New Music Shorts

Dara Birnbaum

1981, 5:41 min, color, sound


New Pepsi Generation

Dan Asher 

1997, 1:06 min, color, sound


New York Ghetto Fishmarket 1903

Ken Jacobs

2006, 132 min, b&w, sound

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

In New York Ghetto Fish Market 1903, Jacobs uses archival film footage of New York's Lower East Side as his source material. The vintage film, shot by Thomas Edison in 1903,...


New York Street Trolleys 1900

Ken Jacobs

1999, 10:30 min, b&w, sound

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

In this unique document, Jacobs demonstrates one of his live, multi-projection "Nervous System" film performances in real time. (The Nervous System performances feature a unique...


Nieuw Jacxz Swinjge

Seth Price

2001-02, 2:20 min, color, sound

Excerpted from Price's 2001 video-lecture "New York Woman," which explored the ways in which music production techniques change over time, NJS Map uses animated diagrams to lay out the historical development of one period in pop music, the briefly-lived but influential genre often called "New...


Night Wandering

Merce Cunningham

1964, 13 min, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video


Night's High Noon; An Anti-Terrain

Peter Callas

1988, 7:26 min, color, sound


Nine Fish

Kip Fulbeck

1996, 23:45 min, b&w and color, sound


Nine Thousand

Ursula Hodel

1999, 54 min, color, sound


Nine Years Later (“Bigmouth Strikes Again”)

Robert Beck 

1995, 11 min, color, sound


Nine Years Later (“Girlfriend In A Coma”)

Robert Beck 

1998, 12:00 min, color, sound


Nine Years Later (“Panic”)—Remix

Robert Beck 

2001, 11:00 min, color, sound

In the three-part series Nine Years Later, Beck revisits video performances he created nearly a decade earlier to music by the British pop band The Smiths. Beck betrays the apparent effortlessness of the original clips by editing them alongside the numerous rehearsals, variously self-conscious...


Nirvana of the Nebbishites

George Kuchar

1994, 10:42 min, color, sound


Nitrate Kisses

Barbara Hammer

1992, 66:55 min, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video

In her first feature, after decades as a pioneer of lesbian cinema, Barbara Hammer weaves striking images of four contemporary gay and lesbian couples with footage of an unearthed, forbidden, and invisible history, searching eroded emulsions and images for lost vestiges of queer culture....


No Europe

Tony Conrad

1990, 13:17 min, color, sound

"No Europe is an ironic white American recasting of Native American culture in precolonial history, told as a dream." —Tony Conrad


No Hop Sing. No Bruce Lee: What do you do when none of your heroes look like you?

Janice Tanaka and David Gallardo 

1998, 27:46 min, color, sound


No Match

Takeshi Murata

2010, 17:16 min, color, sound

Rhythmically departed from Murata's usual assertive cadence, No Match employs footage from the 1980's game show, Classic Match. The seamless loop of an unyielding contestant's ineptness solidifies as an almost cruel experiment, as the stretched time limit imprisons him in a fruitless guessing...


No No Nooky T.V.

Barbara Hammer

1987, 11:52 min, color, sound, 16 mm film on HD video

Using a 16mm Bolex and Amiga computer, Hammer creates a witty and stunning film about how women view their sexuality versus the way male images of women and sex are perceived. The impact of technology on sexuality and emotion and the sensual self is explored through computer language juxtaposed...


No Sell Out... or i wnt 2 b th ultimate commodity/ machine (Malcolm X Pt. 2)


1995, 5:37 min, color, sound


No Sleep Till...


2004, 2:55 min, color, sound

Here LoVid composes a strobing synesthetic landscape of image and sound that is equal parts glitchy animation and input from an analog synthesizer. Made at the close of their residency at the Experimental Television Center in Oswego, New York, No Sleep Till... combines semi-familiar shapes with...


Noah's Raven

Mary Lucier

1992, 29:03 min, color, sound



Peggy Ahwesh 

1998, 30 min, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video

Nocturne, writes Ahwesh, is "a psychological horror film built on the conflicts of a woman tortured by the ambiguity between reality and illusion, dream and desire."



Tom Kalin

1993, 4:46 min, b&w and color, sound

Kalin's short video works, which use literary quotations as starting points, function both as visual poems and as alternative music videos. With their astute conjunctions of image, music and text, these tapes respond to issues of sexuality and human interaction in the 1990s, more than a decade...


Nor Was This All By Any Means

Anthony Ramos

1978, 24 min, color, sound


Nostos: I

Thierry Kuntzel

1979, 43:30 min, color


Not a Jealous Bone

Cecelia Condit

1987, 10:24 min, color, sound



Chip Lord in collaboration with Paper Tiger Television. 

1987, 25:52 min, color, sound


Notes From the Underground

Dan Asher

1996, 17:57 min, color, sound

Notes from the Underground presents unyielding voyeurism on the London Underground. In Deadman Walking, a middle-aged commuter pulls a variety of bored expressions. As the sequence starts, the train is leaving Temple Station, center for the city's law practices and named for the Order of the...


Notions of Freedom

Ulysses Jenkins

2007, 15:47 min, color, sound


Novel City

Leslie Thornton

2008, 7:40 min, color, sound

In Novel City, Thornton revisits her 1983 film Adynata, which explored questions of the Other through what Thornton has termed an "Orientalist spectacle" that was "intended to bring about a critical self-response, a simultaneous attraction and repulsion that provoke an instance of cultural...



Lynda Benglis 

1973, 12 min, color, sound

Now takes on video's claims to immediacy and authenticity, as Benglis juxtaposes live performance with her own prerecorded image. The soundtrack features phrases such as "now!" and "start recording," commands that usually ground us in the present, but here serve to deepen the confusion between...


Now I'm Turning to Face You

Rea Tajiri

1982, 6:50 min, color, sound


Now is Here

Phyllis Baldino

2017, 19:00 min, color, sound, HD video

Influenced by theoretical physicist Lee Smolin's book Time Reborn, which deals with concepts about time, Baldino set about making a video to capture the idea of "now," during an especially volatile moment in American politics. Production of this work coincided with the artist's visit to Cuba,...


Now That I Have Your Attention

C. Spencer Yeh

2011, 155:24 min., color, sound


Numbering Numbers

2000, 9:07 min, color, sound



Ken Jacobs

2007, 2 min, color, silent

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

Jacobs writes: "The belle of the ball surrounded by suitors. A vigorous 3-D that can be seen without special spectacles and even by the one-eyed."