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Juan Downey

1973, 27:35 min, b&w, sound


Zen for Film

Nam June Paik 

1962-64, 8 min, b&w, silent, 16 mm film on video

"Clear film, accumulating in time dust and scratches."


Zeroing In

Nancy Holt

1973, 31:15 min, b&w, sound

Positioned in an elevated vantage point, Holt uses five apertures in a black board set before the camera to slowly reveal a controlled, abstracted view of an urban landscape. Discussing this New York vista with Ted Castle, Holt strategically transforms passive reception into an interactive exchange.




2002-03, 27:46 min, color, sound

In ZMTRX, extremely rhythmic editing and pulsating, synthesized music create a hypnotic effect reminiscent of some of video's earliest analogue synthesizer experiments. The artists write: "Using a zooming motif, ZMTRX is the most optically violent of the four tapes and shows Forcefield going from...



Vito Acconci 

1971, 15:37 min, color, silent, Super 8mm film on video

Acconci walks in a circle around a cat, attempting to constantly keep the animal enclosed.